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Blizzcon – WARCRAFT Movie Footage Description and Reaction

Posted on November 10, 2014 at 9:42 pm by David "Snackbar" Edmundson


Blizzcon 2014 might be over, but we still have lots to share with you. We already shared with you character descriptions and a poster from the event, but the coolest thing on the Warcraft Movie front during Blizzcon was the footage they screened. There were 2 parts to the screening; an extended version of the sizzle reel they showed at Comic-Con with rough effects, and a completed 30 second clip of the film showcasing the amazing logo of the orcs.

To start, this was definitely a work in progress, NOT a trailer. The effect looked great, but it was clear that parts were not complete. The purpose of the footage was to give us an idea of the scope and feel of the film.

We start with an overhead fly-by view of a cgi storm wind, which looked amazing even to these Horde eyes.  Lothar in a voice over warcraft-for-the-hordeduring the flyby “I’ve spent more time protecting my King than my own son.” We see Lothar sitting in a room that looks like some sort of Armory. He has on full plate armor and is holding a large sword and there is a shield on the floor next to him. Then it cuts to the throne room in storm wind (meticulously recreated from the game to the last brick) Lothar – ” Does that make me loyal(cuts back to Lothar close up) or a fool?”

Cuts to a desert rocky looking region that I am assuming is Draenor. Durotan-“I’ve led thousands of warriors into battle, but I fear being a father.” We see Durotan walking for a second then it goes and shows Durotan’s baby mama lying on the ground with a pregnant belly. Durotan-“Does that make me a leader, or a coward?”

It cuts to what looks like Durotan sinking in water with a weapon above him? Lothar-“Some see death as having some greater purpose, but when it is one of your own it is hard to grasp anything good comes from it.” While he is saying this it looks like they have found a dead orc in Azeroth and Lothar touchs the corpse and he sees black blood.

warcraft-for-the-allianceWe then cut to a giant wood gate with two orc grunts pushing it open and Durotan talks again. “Our hope is destroyed, there is nothing to go back too. Is war, the only answer?”

Cuts to a battle scene in a forest region, large number of Footmen and Orcs charging each other. We then see a floating Dalaran then it looks like some high elves, I can’t tell for sure but I am guessing it is the Kirin Tor. Then I can’t really tell if it was King Lane or Lothar but he is walking with a Dwarf towards the great forge in Iron Forge. Short clip of Khadgar doing what looks like an arcane blast. There is a really cool clip of a Gryphon riding in and tearing up some orcs.

The crowd went nuts! But director Duncan Jones had a little something extra for us. He wanted to show us how expressive and life like the orcs would be in the film so he gave us a 30 second completed shot of Durotan in his hut watching his pregnant wife sleep. The detail in his face and expression left no doubt in my head that this film will deliver on everything we have been promised over the last 10 years. The motion capture is top-notch, on par with the recent Planet of the Apes movie.

When Jones took over directing the film he stated that he wanted the film to be 50% Alliance and 50% Horde, and he appears to have given us some bad-ass amazing looking orcs. Here’s hopping the Alliance looks half as good.


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