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Blizzard Announces OVERWATCH; A Team-Based Shooter

Posted on November 8, 2014 at 9:27 am by David "Snackbar" Edmundson


Blizzard Entertainment announced their brand-new IP in 17 years today during Blizzcon called “Overwatch” which is a team-based multiplayer shooter with vibrant characters and objective style gameplay. Overwatch stars a number of different characters that seem to offer different styles of play and abilities. There’s Widowmaker, who appears to specialize in sniper abilities, and Winston, who is a giant gorilla equipped with cybernetics that can perform an ability called “Primal Punch.” The trailer Blizzard showed off during the announcement featured a capture the objective game mode pitting two factions against one another. In a bold choice, Blizzard has decided to not offer Death Match as a play mode, opting to instead focus on team play and objective based matches.

The beta for Overwatch will be available much sooner than we would have guessed as Blizzard has announced players will be able to take part in it sometime in 2015. In order to learn more about Overwatch, head on over to the title’s official website,, although at the time of this writing, it appears the website isn’t live yet.

If you feel like Overwatch looks awfully familiar, you’re not alone as I definitely get a Team Fortress 2 vibe from it. Whether or not Overwatch will be F2P just like TF2 is completely unknown right now. I for one am very excited at the prospect of an objective based shooter. I am always excited when I enter a random match in (insert FPS here) and it is an objective style match.

What do you guys think so far. We will be getting hands on Overwatch later today at Blizzcon.


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