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Bitcoin Poised To Win Big In Las Vegas

Posted on April 30, 2015 at 9:19 am by Geek Legacy


As the virtual and online gambling market continues to close the gap on bricks and mortar establishments, there is a sense of inevitability that the former will eventually supersede the latter. After all, the remote gaming sector is set to generate a staggering $182.8 billion in 2015, while establishing gambling meccas such as Macau continue to record declines in turnover.

It appears as though bricks and mortar locations are beginning to fight back, however, using innovation and their natural advantages to compete more aggressively with online operators. The latest development took place in Vegas recently, when the prestigious D Las Vegas Casino and the Golden Gate Hotel became the first land-based operators to accept Bitcoin.

Breaking the Mould: What does this Mean for Gamers


Before gamblers get too excited, however, Bitcoin will not immediately be accepted on the gaming floor. Instead it will be phased in gradually, across five locations including hotel front desks, gift shops and several high-end eateries. Both hotels will use BitPay to process transactions through tablet and mobile platforms, offering convenience to customers and bringing these locations in line with the demands of modern citizens. Although this change is being marketed as a simple response to general consumer demand, however, it is undoubtedly part of a larger plan to make offline gambling more popular.

In the meantime, Bitcoin will still benefit gamblers who attend the gaming floors at the D Las Vegas Casino and the Golden Gate Hotel. After all, while it cannot be used directly to purchase chips or place wagers, it can be used to settle a hotel bill or pay for food and drink at the resort. This enables players to keep their gambling capital separate from the rest of their money, and gain greater control of the finances. There is no doubt that Bitcoin will gradually be integrated as a gaming floor payment option, offering the kind of flexible solution that player can currently only find online.

Will Bitcoin help Land-based Casinos to Compete with Online Operators?


The introduction of this virtual currency proves just how keen bricks and mortar casinos are to compete with the rise of online casinos offering popular games like live roulette and blackjack. Bitcoin has courted considerable controversy since its inception, thanks primarily to the fact that it has been targeted by technology advanced criminals who are looking to launder money. Its current reputation is much improved, however, and it certainly offers an additional dimension to the typical, offline gambling experience.

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