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Best Online Shopping for Geek Decor

Posted on March 24, 2014 at 11:04 pm by Liz Bohinc

Instead of keeping up on House of Cards or the latest entertainment news, I have been redecorating my apartment. It’s quite a project to find things that work together aesthetically but also express my geek personality. Realizing I found some great online resources, I had to share them with my Geek Legacy community.

Mondo Tees: Based out of Austin, this gallery is known for its limited run poster sales for everything from Iron Man to Disney to Classic Movies (like this one from The Thing). What I also like about most Mondo prints is that they feel very sophisticated.

picuttingboardEtsy is a black hole of geek decor, apparel, and home goods. I mean seriously–look at Bubble & Geek. Do you think her stuff would do nearly as well if it wasn’t branded toward certain fandoms? There is a lot of stuff to sift through here but you can make some great finds. For example, check out this Pi Cutting Board. Fair warning though, be wary of prints on Etsy that are “handmade” that are actually someone else’s work. Sure it might be cheaper to buy it here but someone worked very hard on that retro Black Swan art print so you shouldn’t buy it from the guy in Bulgaria.

Society 6 on the other hand has smaller but I think better collection. I find their art to be a bit cleaner and more classy. I thought this re-imagining of Totoro would look cool in any living room.

Think Geek is a go-to for a lot of fan paraphernalia. You can get glass wear, towels, and tees from this site along with some cool office gadgets. That said, I think a lot of their stuff feels conventional so I only buy here if it’s something I must have or if it’s a gift. Their Doctor Who collection is pretty cool though.

All in all, I find the hardest thing about collecting comics, posters, etc  at conventions is finding a place for everything. Making this memorabilia fit the theme of your apartment or house is even harder. I’m lucky I work in an environment where some of this stuff can move to my office and I can’t wait to make a gallery wall out of my handful of comics and prints. In the meantime, these resources are helping me find a balance between design and science fiction/fantasy.

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