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Ben Reilly Returns from the Grave in “Scarlet Spider #21”

Posted on June 19, 2013 at 7:45 am by Tyler Waterman

There aren’t many topics in comicdom that get long-time fans more heated than the Spider-Clone Saga, a massive Spider-Man event that took place in the 90’s that saw the introduction of nearly a billion different clones of Peter Parker, including the original clone from waaaaay back in the day that had long been thought dead.

Well, that clone thought coming back from the dead was so nice he’s doing it twice, because this cover by Ryan Stegman for Scarlet Spider #21 shows that the original Scarlet Spider is very much back, and is still able to find people who are making that kickass Spider-hoodie! Of course, speculation is still flying as to whether this is in fact Ben Reilly, but between the outfit and the use of the iconic “impact webbing” that Reilly was so fond of using, all signs point to yes.

Check out the cover below, and start wondering now whether there is enough room in the Marvel Universe for two Scarlet Spiders!

Source: CBR


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