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Bayonetta 2 Launch Trailer – Now It’s Time to be Naughty

Posted on October 13, 2014 at 4:15 pm by Justin Cavender

Bayonetta 2 Launch Trailer

Bayonetta 2 is set to launch October 24 only on the Nintendo Wii U. Those of you looking forward to crazy bullet flying, high kicking, sexy, saucy, witches are in for a real treat. In the game, players must journey to the underworld to save Jeanne, a fellow witch, who was dragged to hell whilst saving Bayonetta in battle. Obviously time is not on your side, but with the help of your friends and the power of the bullet arts, you might stand a chance in saving Jeanne before her soul is trapped forever. Good luck with that…

Check out the Bayonetta 2 demo available now on the Nintendo eShop! If you decide to purchase the game it’s worth noting it also comes with the original Bayonetta that was released back in 2010. Of course this version is designed specifically for the Wii U and also comes with Nintendo themed costumes for both games. That’s right, you’ll be rocking the Metroid Power Suit, a Mushroom Kingdom dress, and Link’s Hero of Hyrule digs.

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