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Battlefield Hardline In-Depth

Posted on June 9, 2014 at 1:04 pm by Felix Mui



Once again reaffirming the collaborative nature of the game from a thought session between DICE and Visceral, there is an important focus on story. They ended up showing gameplay footage that is very typical of movies involving cops and robbers, with a heist on a security truck. Intense urban combat occurs around an overpass, with a constant stream of cops trying to stop them. Ultimately the goal turns into a high-speed chase through the city, with the cops hot on their tail. Ziplines, destructible environment, and of course the signature Levelution makes an appearance! Ultimately the loot is taken onto a chopper and but is stopped when it’s shot down.

Also announced was the Alpha Beta that is available exclusively on PC and PS4 today! Sign up at! For owners of other consoles, an Open Beta will be available this fall.

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