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Battlefield: Hardline Announced for Fall 2014

Posted on May 30, 2014 at 2:18 pm by Felix Mui


Ever since the rumor earlier this year that Visceral Games (Creators of the Dead Space series) was developing a “SWAT themed” Battlefield, fans of the series have been searching for more information about this unique upcoming installment.

Surprisingly the very first details were revealed earlier this week when an update to Battlelog (social network service that provides statistics, customization, and more) showcased certain assets from the games which included the logo, medals, weapons, team names and more.

Because of this EA and Visceral Games decided to officially announce the game through the EA Beat blog. The VP and GM of Viceral, Steve Paoutsis detailed the development of this unique take on Battlefield:

“Several years ago, I was at an internal EA meeting in Barcelona with creative leaders from across the company. It was there I met Karl Magnus Troedsson, the GM of DICE, for the first time, and we immediately began talking about games – I’ve always loved Battlefield and KM was a huge fan of Dead Space, which I was working on at the time. We started talking about different ways we could work together, different ways we could take Battlefield and action games in a new direction. It was then that this project that became Battlefield Hardline was born”

Advertising more to be shown at the EA press conference at E3, the blog ends with a teaser link to the game that’s certain to be updated with details as they are announced.

Later on over on the Battlefield Blog, DICE VP & GM Karl Magnus Troedsson noted that this effort while collaborative is mainly Visceral’s own work. For those who are still worried about the bugs, netcode, and glitches to be fixed in DICE’s Battlefield 4 there’s no worry.

“The games we develop are services. We focus on taking care of the games post launch, delivering new content to those of you who want it and always working hard to increase quality of play. We also continue to work hard to keep investing in areas where you tell us you see opportunities for improvements and new features.  Yes, we’re very excited to partner with Visceral on the development of Battlefield Hardline, but ongoing work to refine and enhance BF4 remains a top priority.”

Prepare yourself for destructive urban combat in a cops vs robbers game with the trademarks of Battlefield this Fall.

Stay tuned to GeekLegacy for the latest on Battlefield: Hardline!

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