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Battlefield 4: Premium Disc Release on October 21st

Posted on October 8, 2014 at 12:07 pm by Felix Mui


As you might have remembered, DICE & EA previously did the very same type of packaging for the previous installment, Battlefield 3 in the franchise. But at a $60 value, no one can pass up the successful “GOTY” style packaging that originally cost $110 together. The Battlefield 4: Premium disc content is exactly the same as the previous digital deployment, but for those who’ve been hesitant to join in on a game that was plagues with criticisms and bugs at launch, DICE has done a through job of getting the game up to par post-release.


The recently deployed “Fall Patch” addressed some of the largest complaints with the game and catered to those who wanted a much more classic experience including the much demanded Battlefield 3-style movement. So there was no better time to come out with a bundled package that is just in time for the final piece of DLC in the Premium offer.


Premium was a unique package that offered brand new weapons, dogtags, camos, paint and emblems unique only to Premium. The package additionally offered 5 themed DLC Packages each containing 4 maps. The first, China Rising took place in the countryside scenic landscapes of mainland China, Second Assault brought back fan-favorites from BF3 remastered with Frostbite 3, Naval Strike gave an emphasis on large-scaled vehicular battles across islands in the Pacific, and Dragon’s Teeth was close quarters urban-combat at it’s finest.

Additionally while no release date has been set for it, the final DLC entitled “Final Stand” serves as a prequel of sorts to another hit future warfare game from DICE’s past, Battlefield 2142. Featuring hover tanks, railguns, and much much more there’s an emphasis on the Russian arctic regions where scientists have been experimenting with future-technology.


I’d highly recommend picking this up having bought the staggered release prior just due to the sheer amount of content that other game’s Season Passes rarely offer for a worthy price point. That said it’s a game that’s a year old, and exists in a time when games no longer have the longevity they once held. I can say this game has constantly been a game I came back to since it’s release and I’m still enjoying the sandbox modern combat it has to offer in the sea of First Person Shooters.

Mark October 21st up an prep your consoles and systems when Battlefield 4: Premium Edition comes to PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Origin.


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