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Batman’s Wonderful Toys: The Top 10 Items in Batman’s Arsenal!

Posted on July 10, 2012 at 9:52 pm by Randy

Here’s another list to get us psyched up for The Dark Knight Rises! Top 10 items in Batman’s arsenal, based on coolness factor. Vehicles not included.

Honorable Mention:


Nipples on the batsuit. Upon seeing the anatomically correct batsuit, Batman’s enemies are sure to giggle themselves into submission.

#10 – Oceanic Repellant

Did someone say Sharks?

You really never know when you’ll need some Shark Repellant.


#9 – Bat-Bola

Sometimes low-tech is the way to go. Hey, it worked for the Ewoks! Yub nub!


#8– Bat-Darts

Whether you want to tranq or track your target, don’t leave home without it.


#7 – Bladed Vambraces/Gauntlets

Batman keeps his pimp hand strong with this fashionable wrist-mounted cutlery. These things would hurt coming and going. They’re so cool, Jango Fett went ahead and got himself a nice shiny pair, just like the Caped Crusader’s.


#6 – Bat-Grenades/Pellets

Although Batman doesn’t like shooting his foes, he apparently has no problems making things go splodey all around them. Sure most of the time they’re smoke grenades or gas grenades, but what about the shrapnel? That’s why we have pellets! They give same effect as the aforementioned grenades, but much more stealthy. Just beware you don’t accidentally sit on your utility belt and set these little suckers off! Yowza!


#5 – Kryptonite Ring/Gloves

Because sometimes, even Superman needs to get taken down a peg or two. Plus it makes a darn fine fashion statement. Everything goes with black, am I right?


#4 – Night-Vision Bat-Goggles

Whether using them for their nifty HUD-like properties, or creeping and peeping along while stalking evil-doers Bruce Wayne would be left in the dark without these specs! After all, How often does Batman even come out during the day?


#3 – Remote Electrical Charge

“Don’t taze me, Bat!” Introduced in Batman: Arkham City, this handy device will remotely neutralize every baddie in the room while making a pretty blue light show! Sign me up!


#2 – Batarang

The quintessential Batman accessory. Over the years they’ve taken the form of everything from a simple boomerang, to a remote controlled surveillance device. But they’re most often depicted as a sharpened shuriken. Tell me you don’t immediately start throwing things around after watching the Bat’s prowess with these beauties!


#1 – Grapple/Line Gun

You can’t watch Tim Burton’s 1989 Batman without immediately wanting to start grappling and zip-lining everywhere you go. Many things have changed throughout The Dark Knight’s existence, but the grappling gun remains my favorite bit of bat-badassness!

    • Snackbar

      Nice list, but for my money nothing beats the Batarang! Kryptonite accessories would be my #2. Fun stuff though.

    • Edgyarmo

      Yeah like the one in Batman Returns, where he tells it how many enemies to hit. Oh and don't forget the acid spitting lightsaber! Wait, never mind.

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