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BATMAN: THE KILLING JOKE Clip Pulls Batman and The Joker Straight from the Comic

Posted on July 5, 2016 at 2:00 pm by David "Snackbar" Edmundson


The first clip from Sam Liu’s Batman: The Killing Joke reveals a couple of things: first, that herky-jerky animation style that caused fans to complain (understandably) has been smoothed out; and second, the adaptation looks more than ever like it’s going to be hewing quite close to Alan Moore and Brian Bolland’s graphic novel.

The clip in question, brought to us courtesy of DC Comics All Access’ video, takes a scene directly out of the graphic novel, one that reveals the intimate relationship between Batman and the Joker, along with a devious little twist. This scene is one of the more iconic visuals to come out of the comic so it’s pretty cool to see it come alive in animated form.

Check out the first clip below, and if you’d rather not watch the DC Comics All Access Team talk about comics, toys, and other things, skip on over to the 3:55 mark:

Batman: The Animated Series voice-acting veterans Kevin Conroy and Mark Hamill will reprise their roles as Batman and The Joker, and will be joined by Tara Strong as Barbara Gordon/Batgirl, with Ray Wise as Commissioner James Gordon in the adaptation. San Diego Comic-Con attendees will get a chance to see the film’s world premiere just before Batman: The Killing Joke makes its way into theaters for one night only on July 25th. If you miss either of those showings, you can pick it up on Digital HD, DVD and Blu-ray during its home video rollout from July 23rd to August 2nd.

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