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Bates Motel- “The Truth” Review

Posted on April 23, 2013 at 2:00 pm by Jess Hicks

This week’s episode of Bates Motel, “The Truth”, was pretty damn exciting! I just can’t get enough of this show! This week was full of truths so let’s get to them! Stop reading now if you wish to remain spoiler free!

The Truth About Shelby

Last week Norma found out her sexy knight in shining armor was really half of a sex slave business. At first she didn’t want to believe it but when she shows the picture of Shelby to the young girl there is no denying it. Emma of course wants to go the police immediately but Norma convinces her to wait a day. Of course they can’t do anything until they get that damn belt!

I feel really bad for Norma in this situation, it would be horrible to think you found a good man and then all of a sudden he is running a sex slave business with the guy you killed. Shelby ends up finding out the girl is at the hotel and all hell breaks loose.

The Truth About Dylan


Sure Dylan screams bad boy but deep down he is a very loyal and loving person. Last week his friend was murdered in cold blood and he immediately took vengeance on the killer. Of course this could have meant his own demise but it seems his boss appreciated him taking a stand for the honor of his pal.

He also helps Norman find the belt on Shelby’s boat and gets rid of it for him. He and his mother might not get a long but he does know when he needs to help her. When he and Norman get back to the house and find Shelby we get a real sense of family. Dylan is quick to fight for his mother and brother’s safety regardless of his own.

It’s going to be a real shame when his character has to go.

The Truth About Norma

Bates motel- norma and dylan

I’m slowly realizing Norma Bates is not what she was always made out to be. Yes, she is exhausting and overbearing but that doesn’t make her a psycho (hehehe). Actually she is just woman who has had it rough her whole life, especially when it comes to men. I don’t blame her for killing Keith Summers one bit especially with her track record.

It’s no wonder she stays so close to Norman, she doesn’t want him to grow up and be one of those men. Even when it comes to her eldest son, Dylan, she wants to protect him. At the end of the episode we  see her relief and love as she realizes Dylan has killed Shelby and not the other way around. Norma’s alright in my book.

The Truth About Norman


Ah, and here we are. We finally learn more about Norman and his black outs. Dylan is convinced Norma killed Norman’s father and so was I if you remember. However, it seems her loving son couldn’t take it anymore one day during a fight between his parents and let dear old dad have it the back of the head with a blender.

I can’t say I’m surprised by this given who he is so this all does seem fitting. It’s hard to hate a boy who doesn’t remember doing any of these things. Although Norma probably should get him help before something happens to her…

Closing Thoughts & Side Bars

  • I still feel really bad for Emma and I really hope Norman doesn’t hurt her
  • It looks like prison is going to be the way they get rid of Dylan, which is better than killing him I guess
  • I’m really excited for next week’s episode, I’m ready for a change in story line

Bates Motel, “The Truth” aired on April  23rd, 2013 on A&E 10/9c. 

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    • Nathan

      Very good review Jess! This was the most suspenseful Bates Motel episode yet! I agree, it's going to be incredibly sad when Dylan's character leaves. If you had to guess, how much longer do you think he'll stick around for? And are you just guessing about him being in prison, or do you have insight on the next episodes? I also felt really sorry for Norma in this episode–I wasn't expecting Mrs. Bates to be this likable of a character.

      • Jess Hicks

        Well based on the "next week on bates motel" snippet it looks like Dylan is going to take the fall for Shelby. I suppose it would be his way of helping Norma keep the police off her back so she can care for Norman. I can't see Dylan lasting into next season and if he does appear then it might just be in small parts. I give him the rest of the season and that's it.

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