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Bates Motel- A Boy and His Dog Review

Posted on May 7, 2013 at 9:07 pm by Jess Hicks

Welcome back to another week of Bates Motel! This week Norma got in more trouble, Dylan tried to be a good son, and Norman just continually slips deeper and deeper into madness. So let’s dive in! As always there will be spoilers ahead so stop now if you wish to avoid them!

Last week we left Norman in a strained state after being denied by the love of his life and then having his new pet run over outside of the motel. Norman is slowly sliding into the character we know him as. More importantly we got a nod to the original character by Norman starting work as a taxidermist. This is one of the iconic traits of Norman Bates and it was nice to see him get started on it.

Bates Motel Taxidermy

I’ve also started to notice he is becoming a much more awkward and quiet than he was at the beginning of the season. Which is something I was kind of worried about, Norman was never popular with the ladies and he really didn’t have the social skills to interact with them, or anyone for that matter. I like that he is falling into place with the character we know.

As for Dylan, I’m still unsure what to think about him. I thought for sure he was going to go down for killing Shelby but after the sheriff revealed he knew all about Shelby’s activities and let them all off the hook I’m not so sure. Now it seems that he is going to get into some trouble with his drug pushing employers. Whatever happens to him, I’m sure it can’t be good. I will be sad to see him go but I can’t lie and say I’m eager to get back to just Norma and Norman’s relationship.


And what about Mrs. Norma Bates? She just can’t stay out of trouble to save her life, she flocks to it. Last week she got a new guest who used to frequent the motel when it was owned by Keith Somers. After getting the brush off in town Norma couldn’t possibly pass up an opportunity to have guest even if he is a bit odd. Unfortunately for Norma it seems her new guest has some secrets and may have been involved with Keith’s other business.

I’m not sure what it is that entices Norma to go digging around in seemingly dangerous business but boy does she! After following her guest to the docks she discovers him searching Shelby’s boat. As she is about to leave she is stopped by her mysterious guest who is none too happy about her meddling. Seriously, this woman is like her own little Scooby gang but she sucks at it. After being stopped he questions her on what she is doing and reveals he knows all about her and Shelby. He also seems to think Norma has stolen something from her, asking “Where did you hide it?”. Clearly Norma has no clue what he talking about but I think we do as the audience.

Bates Motel strange man

My theory is he was the go between for the sex trade, he got the girls and brought them to the motel for Shelby and Somers to do whatever with. I think he is the owner of the journal the Norman found and now he wants it back.

Overall this wasn’t my favorite episode, to be honest it kind of drug a little but but it did open up the “new” Norman for more speculation especially after he is spurned by Bradley. Norma once again was the highlight of the episode, causing a deadly game between her and her mysterious guest. She thinks she has the upper hand until she finds Shelby’s dead body in her bed after kicking her guest out. With only 2 episodes left in the season I can only assume this was the set up for some major shit to go down.

Norman Outburst

What did you guys think? Are you happy Norman is starting to becoming the character he is based on? Can Emma be anymore pitiful? Seriously, every time she is on the screen I just want to give her a hug and a puppy and candy and other nice things. Leave us a comment and let us know!

Episode Rating- B-

Bates Motel Season 1, episode 8 aired, “A Boy and His Dog” aired May 7th, 2013 on A&E.

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    • Nikki

      Dylan is the best character on the show, he better not go anywhere!

      • Jess Hicks

        I do love him but I think it is just a waiting game for him.

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