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Baltimore Comic-Con is Coming!

Posted on September 4, 2014 at 9:52 am by Jeff Mueller

Baltimore Comic Con logo

It’s time again for one of the hidden gems of the comic convention circuit – Baltimore!

While San Diego and New York get the lion’s share of buzz and publicity (and rightfully so) there are a handful of conventions that deserve more attention than they get.

Baltimore Comic-Con is not one of my favorite shows because it is local, or due to hometown pride, but because it is downright awesome!

Now in it’s 14th year, this almost exclusively comic book focused convention has expanded its schedule to three days and it continues to draw some of the biggest names in the industry. As someone who has been on both sides of the tables at this particular convention, there is a nice balance that the promoters have been able to cultivate.

The floor of the Baltimore Convention Center is filled to capacity but not crushed together so that it impedes the flow of traffic, and while you will encounter lines to get books signed or commissions done they are never so long that you feel like your day is wasted, or that you are rushed. You will get plenty of time to actually talk to your favorite creators, instead of being pushed along like cattle!

Vendors also unanimously say that this is one of their most lucrative east coast shows of the year. The 15,000+ attendees come to browse and shop, have no doubt!

Baltimore Comic Con - SkylineIn addition to the short lines, top-notch talent and comic-centric focus here are a few other reasons why this convention rules:

  • On-site CGC grading – The industry standard in comic book grading services will be here to grade your books. How cool is that?
  • The Harvey Awards – When I say this is a comic-centric show, I mean it. It has been the home to the Harvey Awards, celebrating the best in the business, for 8 years now…
  • Costume contest – Baltimore has a great cosplay scene, and every year the costume contest is a great event. As a bonus, this year John Hodgson of MSTK3K fame will be MCing!
  • Great panels – No convention is complete without panels, and every year more and more great ones get added to the program.

Another fun thing to note about this show is the yearbook they put out… each year they honor a creator and have all attendees contribute pieces for inclusion. Last year honored Stan Sakai’s Usagi Yojimbo; up this year is Matt Wagner’s Grendel. The book of art features interpretations of characters from Matt Wagner’s acclaimed series, from 48 of the visiting artists. They also hold a scavenger hunt; those who buy the book get a list of the yearbook contributors and their table numbers. Anyone who succeeds in getting all them to sign their piece of work in the Yearbook gets their choice of bonus prints!

Oh, and while I say this is a comic book centric show don’t think there is nothing for you if you are a fan of other nerdy genres. This year Peter Mayhew (that’s Chewbacca you bunch of scruffy nerf herders) is the media guest of honor, doing photo ops and participating in a panel on Sunday.

Look, there’s a reason comic professionals love this show so much (listen to comic legend Matt Wagner drop praise on BCC during issue #43 of the Comic Corner Podcast) and I guarantee you will too.

While I wouldn’t say it is worth it to fly cross country if you live on the left coast (if you do, I recommend Emerald City Comic-Con as an alternative) if you live on the east coast it is definitely a must attend convention. So free up this weekend, buy your tickets, and go have some fun. You won’t regret it.

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      I’m super excited for the show this weekend!

      • Come say hi please! I will be at booth 714 most of the weekend!

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