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Are They “Too Far Gone”? The Walking Dead Review [SPOILERS]

Posted on December 2, 2013 at 12:31 am by Amanda Andonian

If you want to avoid spoilers, this is not the review for you. The showdown we’ve all been waiting for finally comes to pass on The Walking Dead.

Spoiler-Free Recap, “Too Far Gone” – B
The Governor takes to the prison once again, determined not to leave empty handed. With their future up in the air, Rick and the other survivors have to decide whether or not to take a stand.

Final Spoiler Warning!


Not content to have his camp in the woods, the Governor sets his sights on the prison, convincing his new group that they can take it with little bloodshed. Little do they know that “no bloodshed” for the Governor basically means that everyone is going to die a gruesome death. This time, though, his case is helped along by the fact that he manages to capture Herschel and Michonne unawares with the intent of using them to find a way inside without killing everyone.

Just like in “Live Bait,” we’re led to believe that perhaps the Governor has changed for the better and perhaps truly means what he says. Herschel definitely takes it as a good sign, pleading with the Governor to rethink his plan to attack the prison and at least try to make a go of living together in peace. Unfortunately, the Governor’s mind is made up, and no amount of pleading from anyone—not even Lilly—can convince him that there’s a peaceful solution that doesn’t require tanks to back it up.

Of course, it’s not as easy as just vacating the prison and leaving it to the Governor and his New Woodbury. As we see with Glenn, the sick members of the prison group are still recovering from the flu, and Rick knows that they won’t survive being moved. They’ve endured too much hardship to try and live on the road again, and so Rick’s desperate to keep their tenuous hold on the only shelter they have. Not surprisingly, the Governor is completely unmoved and quickly grows tired of Rick’s equivocations. In a heartbeat, he throws aside his plan to avoid killing and draws first blood on Herschel, relinquishing what little control he had over the situation.

The standoff between Rick and the Governor is yet another battle between those who would rise above their dire situation and those who allow themselves to be consumed by their grief, spiraling into madness. Although we initially think that perhaps the Governor came through his grief and found new purpose in life, it quickly becomes obvious that he’s just transferred that grief over to a new “family.” While their safety is ostensibly his only concern, his ruthless nature just ends up putting them in harm’s way, ultimately ending in their deaths.

Rick, on the other hand, realizes that his grief can’t consume him to the point where he risks the people he cares about. It almost destroyed him once, but he clawed his way back to some measure of sanity, and he tries to convince the Governor that it’s not too late for him either. But where Rick has always depended upon the support of those around him, the Governor has never allowed anyone to get that close to him. Andrea wasn’t enough, Lilly wasn’t enough, and not even Megan—his surrogate daughter—could stop him from taking the more dangerous path.


In the end, both groups nearly slaughter each other into nonexistence, and what few of them are left have splintered off from each other in order to escape the blood bath. The final tally? All of New Woodbury is now gone, including the Governor, though there is a suggestion that Lilly and Tara made it out of there alive. Since Lilly is the one who ultimately puts a bullet in her former lover’s head, it’s probably safe to say that she managed to escape.

On the prison side, mostly a lot of nameless people who fell in the firefight, but the most heartbreaking loss is Herschel. His steady and sage advice got them through many tough times, but his reasoning wasn’t enough to get through to the Governor. He’s been so resilient for so long, it almost seemed as though he was untouchable. Not only did he survive being bitten and the subsequent amputation, but he also survived the epidemic in the prison. Once again, though, The Walking Dead shows us that no one can ever be considered safe. Except maybe Rick.

Speaking of Rick, one loss in particular may actually undo him all over again—Baby Judith. In the confusion of the battle, Carl loses track of her, and the camera slowly pans over a bloody (and empty) carseat. Rick and Carl have to assume the worst, but I think that perhaps she might have been saved. Although there was a lot of blood, there wasn’t a body, so hopefully she was just snatched up by someone else in the group and taken to safety. We won’t know for sure until The Walking Dead comes back next year.

What did you guys think of the mid-season finale? Do you think that Baby Judith actually was eaten, or could she resurface later? Be sure to mark your calendars for the February 9th mid-season premiere when we’ll find out what happens to the rest of our surviving crew.

“Too Far Gone” – B

The Walking Dead: Season 4 Episode 8, ‘Too Far Gone” aired December 1st, 2013 on AMC.

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