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Anne Hathaway joins Christopher Nolan’s INTERSTELLAR

Posted on April 10, 2013 at 6:55 am by David "Snackbar" Edmundson

anne hathaway

Anne Hathaway will reteam with Christopher Nolan to star in the director’s upcoming film, Interstellar. All we know regarding the plot is that it’s about “a heroic interstellar voyage to the furthest reaches of our scientific understanding.” Matthew McConaughey has already signed on, but Deadline, who reported Hathaway’s casting, doesn’t have any details on either role. Hathaway is the latest actor who has clearly developed a strong working relationship with Nolan. She joins Christian Bale, Marion Cotillard, Tom Hardy, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, and Michael Caine for the group of actors who have worked with the direction on more than one film. Caine has been in every Nolan film since Batman Begins, and hopefully he will continue this trend.

Hathaway has a slate of indies coming up as she comes off her recent Oscar win for Les Miserables. She’s currently set to star in a modern retelling of Taming of the Shrew, the romance Song One, and Lynne Shelton‘s dark comedy, Laggies. She was attached to star in Steven Spielberg‘s Robopocalypse, but Spielberg took the project back to the drawing board.

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