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American Horror Story: Boy Parts

Posted on October 16, 2013 at 9:33 pm by Jess Hicks

Though the first season was absolutely brilliant, this season is coming in as my other favorite. Last week we were introduced to our group of dysfunctional witches and the ground work was laid for some bitchy witchy action. “Boy Parts” showed us a lot of magical warfare and it really set the pace for what kind of trouble we are going to get into later on. We got also got a lot of really good character development making these women very complicated, you can’t really hate or love them completely. So let’s break “Boy Parts” down! As always SPOILERS will follow!

Fiona Vs. LaLaurie:

After discovering that Madame LaLaurie (Bates) has been alive all these years and buried underground Fiona has taken her hostage in order to find out her secret to eternal life. Unfortunately for Fiona (Lange), LaLaurie doesn’t actually have the power, she has been cursed by the Voodoo Queen Marie Laveau. Turns out Laveau didn’t appreciate her boyfriend being turned into a Satyr and killed LaLaurie’s family to get back at her.

AHS Lange Bates

While LaLaurie was a pretty heinous person back in her time it seems 180 years of alone time has caused her to think about the awful things she did. Of course her opinions of African American’s and witches still aren’t too high I expect we will see a kinder more gentle psycho bitch. I hope not too kind or gentle though, I’ve been waiting to see the epic cat fights between LaLaurie and Fiona all year!

Now getting back to Marie Laveau (Basset), it seems she is alive and well also and Fiona is determined to find out her secret. Quite honestly Laveau is the most intriguing character to me right now. Her motives and intentions aren’t entirely clear yet and neither is the level of her power. Not to mention it seems her Bull headed boyfriend seems to be doing well despite his physical disability…

Cordelia Vs. Magic:

Though I am not at all interested in this character or her goings on I felt the need to discuss her. In order to fill her Bewitched life goals she desperately wants a child but is unable to conceive even with medical assistance. With much reluctance her husband convinces her to use magic to help them conceive thus throwing us into a very Rosemary’s Baby-like sex scene.

AHS Paul

I predict Cordelia is going to have a major black magic power trip mid season and this is the beginning of it. She is a very sheltered from her powers and using them for something this big is bound to go to her head. As I said, I’m not real interested in her character but I see the need for her. I’m going to give it a few more episodes before I cement my opinion on her.

The Bride of Frankenstein: 

Poor Zoe, will she ever find true love? After Madison flipped her man candy and his dick friends Zoe can’t help but think about the boy she met at the party. So Madison decides she will help her out and bring Kyle back to life using a spell, all they have to do is get the body. While in the morgue they discover how horrific the accident really was when they see most of the boys, including Kyle, are in pieces. Of course this doesn’t stop Madison, she opts to build her own man from the different pieces making Kyle the “perfect boyfriend”.

AHS Peters

Zoe is a somewhat confusing character, while one second she is confessing all her secrets to the police the next she is on board to rebuild her lover boy using black magic with only minor hesitation. I’m happy to see Evan Peters and Taissa Farmiga back together again and given her “power” an already dead boyfriend seems to be the best option. Though bringing him back proves to be difficult when he can’t form words and seems to be very out of control of his body and mind.

Stevie Nicks Is A Witch: 

Turns out Kyle isn’t the only one coming back to life, it seems Misty Day (Lilly Rabe) didn’t die when she was burned at the stake. Her gift is the power to restore life so we should have seen that coming. She can also apparently sense when dead beings need help becoming undead because during Kyle’s resurrection she appears to help them escape.

AHS Misty Day

Misty’s obsession with finding others like her is going to be  big headache for these girls I think, particularly Zoe. While Misty seems very helpful and kind she also seems to attach herself very easily. Even though she is helping Zoe bring Kyle back to his old self I definitely got a Single White Female vibe from her.

“Boy Parts” Grade: A

Let us know what you thought of this week’s episode of American Horror Story Coven. What are you most looking forward to? Do you think we will be getting some more witches? Will Kyle and Zoe find love? Will Fiona get her eternal life? Stay tuned next week!

American Horror Story: Coven “Boy Parts” Aired on F/X @ 10/9c on October 16th, 2013


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