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It’s Confirmed: Amazing Spider-Man Returns in April

Posted on January 12, 2014 at 11:35 am by Tyler Waterman

This April, the current Superior Spider-Man title gives way to the return of Amazing Spider-Man, and Peter Parker is coming back with it.

While this one has to be filed under “knew it was coming, but now we know when,” that doesn’t mean it isn’t still exciting! Thirteen months ago, the comic world lost its collective mind when writer Dan Slott killed off the man behind the spider-mask and left Doctor Octopus in his place. In that time, we’ve seen “Doc Ock Spidey” turn the Spider-Man name upside down, arguably becoming a superior crimefighter, but at the cost of Spider-Man and Peter’s reputation, friendships, career and family. It’s been a wild ride, but one we all knew couldn’t last forever. Between the rapidly deteriorating events in the comic and the upcoming theater release of Amazing Spider-Man 2, the general consensus has been that the end is near.

This morning, that consensus was confirmed, as the New York Daily News broke the official confirmation that Amazing Spider-Man #1 will hit shelves this April, with Peter Parker once again doing the webslinging. The series will also be written by Dan Slott, with pencils from Humberto Ramos. 


It’s the end/beginning/return of an era!


According to Slott, this has been the plan all along, and sticking to the secret was extremely difficult. “To do that for a solid year of my life, that’s the hardest thing I’ve had to do – to look small children in the eye at a convention and lie to them,” Slott told the Daily News. “One of them with an honest-to-God Little League uniform and a quivering lip. Inside, part of me was dying.”

Of course, this is Dan Slott we’re talking about; don’t expect the return of Peter Parker to be an entirely feel-good story.

“We’ve gone over 30 issues without Peter Parker, so when we let him out of that box and he gets to put on that costume again and he gets to swing through the sky, it’s going to be the greatest feeling,” said Slott. “But there’s a twist. There’s always a twist.”


Variant cover by Jerome Opeña, surely the first of many, many more variants to come.


I don’t think there was anyone out there who actually expected the “superior-izing” of Spider-Man to become the status quo. In fact, most probably didn’t expect it to last as long as it did; Otto has been Spider-Man for over 30 issues, and that isn’t including spin-offs like Superior Spider-Man Team Up, or his appearances in dozens of other titles like Avengers and A+X. Therefore, people who enjoyed the Superior treatment (like myself) knew we were fans of something that couldn’t last, and all we could ask for was a smooth transition. 

With this creative team, it’s clear we’ll have it. Slott continuing writing duties takes away any concern over whether the next writer can maintain the magic; instead, I can simply look forward to enjoying Slott rebuilding Peter’s life the same way I enjoyed watching him destroy it. Along with Slott, bringing Ramos back to Amazing Spider-Man was a brilliant move by Marvel. Ramos’ run on the previous volume of Amazing ranks among the highest echelon, up there with McFarlane and Bagley, iconic styles that are instantly recognizable and perfectly Spider-Man. Bringing him back to Amazing is the perfect way to make this feel like a return to form, yet brand new at the same time.

This change back may have been inevitable, but that doesn’t take anything away from the fact that this looks, well, amazing. Are you excited to get your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man back? Or are you going to miss the lovably evil Doc Ock Spidey? Voice your spider-opinion in the comments!

Source: The New York Daily News


    • jxcavender

      Bleh. When I read “it was the plan all along,” I became a little sad. Sure I knew this was temporary, but it doesn’t have to be. Remember when Slott was getting death threats from crazy Spidey-fans? I would prefer Marvel and Slott just stick with Superior so all that fuss wasn’t for nothing. There was no need to lie to children. The world needs Spider-Man, not Peter Parker.

      On the plus side, this adds more fuel to the Jerd fire of hatred for death in comics. Muhahaha

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