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All-New X-Men #16 Cover Is First Tease for “Battle of the Atom”

Posted on June 12, 2013 at 7:22 am by Tyler Waterman

Marvel’s upcoming Battle of the Atom event promises to be the biggest thing to hit the X-family this year, and we’ve now gotten our first glimpse of the event, as well as some tidbits of info about the plot itself.

The cover below comes from All-New X-Men #16, showing what looks to be a very different X-team than what we’re used to. What’s even more interesting are the selling points that come with the solicitation: this issue apparently involves young Scott and Jean running away to stay in the present, and Wolverine fighting the Future X-Men? Makes no sense to me now, but by then I’m sure it will!

Check out the cover below, and look forward to the issue hitting shelves this September.



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