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All New Nerd-Off Challenge Premieres Friday Nov. 8th

Posted on November 4, 2013 at 10:19 am by Justin Cavender

Nerd Off Challenge

Prepare for the all new Nerd-Off Challenge, where two nerds enter, but only one makes it out alive. Well, in this case, the loser is really just a little less nerdy. Either way, it’s going to be thrilling, chilling, and ultimately amazing!

The Nerd-Off Challenge is a bi-monthly event where two nerds will go head-to-head in a fierce debate arguing over the most nerdy of topics. The best part? All topics will be submitted by you—our readers and podcast listeners! Your participation will automatically enter you in our Nerd-Off Challenge Giveaway!

  • Phase 1 : The Opening Statement Each nerd will be given 60 seconds to make an opening statement. This time should be spent pleading their case, building a strong defense, or making an all out attack.
  • Phase 2: Q & A – The Moderator will ask each nerd three questions. One nerd will have 90 seconds to answer, while the other nerd will be given 60 seconds to counter their opponent.
  • Phase 3: The Closing Statement – Each nerd will be given 60 seconds to make a closing statement.

Remember to keep your topics nerdy and fun. Things like: who would win in a fight between Rambo and Bill Cosby? Who was the best captain of the starship, Enterprise? Would Charles Xavier win the Special Olympics? You get the idea. Now send us your topics!

How do you do that exactly? We will take submissions via Twitter, Facebook, Google+, or you can simply leave a comment below. Please be sure to add #NerdOff to all topic submissions to ensure that we see your entry.* Lastly, if social networking isn’t your style, feel free to send us an email at with “Nerd Off” in the subject line.

This week’s winner of the Nerd-Off Challenge Giveaway will receive a Pacific Rim Blu-ray Combo Pack from Legendary Pictures. We can’t wait to launch our new Nerd-Off, and we hope you enjoy the whacky mayhem that’s about to ensue.

Pacific Rim Nerd-Off

*Each Nerd-Off Challenge is limited to one entry per-person. All topics for this week’s Nerd-Off Challenge must be submitted before Thursday, November 7, at 9PM PST.

Follow us on Twitter @Geeklegacy and remember to include #NerdOff on all topic submissions.

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