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Adam McKay Discusses ANCHORMAN 2; Musical Numbers, Cameos, and Doing it Live.

Posted on November 12, 2012 at 6:50 pm by David "Snackbar" Edmundson

While doing interviews for his executive produced independent dark comedy Fully Loaded, McKay discussed Anchorman 2. It will have been almost ten years since the original film opened by the time Anchorman 2 hits theaters, and the media and news in general has changed significantly since then. The writer/director is currently revising the script with star Will Ferrell and, though shooting is expected to start in March, there is no release date scheduled as of now.

Talking to Playlist he discussed how much music would play into Anchorman 2.

“Whole song sequences, absolutely. The music sequences we have done — we did ‘Afternoon Delight’ [in ‘Anchorman’], Adam Scott and his family singing ‘Sweet Child O’ Mine’ [in ‘Step Brothers’], we did a whole song for ‘Talladega Nights‘ that got cut out, a big, big musical number — we always do it live on the set. And my thing is, if the actors get freaked out, don’t sweat it, we can always re-record it later. And every time we’ve done it, we end up using the live track from the recording. We’ll probably do it the same way in this. This one might have a little more movement in it, and the only problem with that is the actors get winded.”

What we can expect from the story;

“Even thought it’s going to be a big silly movie, it’s all about the rise of the new media and 24 hour news cycle, and there’s a lot of interesting points to make about that while being silly.”

Topping the cameos of the first film;

“We’re talking about for ‘Anchorman 2′ creating a murderer’s row of the best day players ever. Like having every single one line or three line role, just be someone we just love. Someone like Ian Roberts or Rob Huebel or Paula Killen — just making sure every day player is a homerun.”

I was a huge fan of the original Anchorman, and really everything Adam McKay has done. I am looking forward to seeing our favorite news team back in action.

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