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About Last Night: Dexter Season 7 Episode 8 “Argentina”

Posted on November 19, 2012 at 9:28 am by Jeff Mueller

Dexter Season 7There is really too much to talk about when it comes to last night’s almost perfect episode! It definitely hit all the right notes; dark humor, danger, covering all the pertinent story-lines, and a violent kill.

Last night played directly into everyone’s strengths and gave them all a chance to shine in their own way and I am not sure exactly who to focus on, so let’s start with the best and just go from there. There were four scenes in particular that really stood out to me, each one featuring Dexter himself, because they showcased exactly why we keep coming back to this twisted version of Miami week after week. 

The opening scene was just so surreal, but it really is exactly how I imagine a couple of serial killers having breakfast. The darkly humorous interplay over who gets what knife to chop herbs for their omelettes, the blasé attitude towards topics that would shock “normal” people to the core, the tinge of devilishness in both of their eyes as they banter back and forth excited at the honesty that he and Hannah can share with each other. An honesty that Dexter points out later is impossible to have with anyone else in his life.

We also had a very nice, and unexpected, kill this week as Dexter accidentally crossed paths with a hitman sent to murder the now excommunicated Isaak Sirko. While I appreciate the very elaborate kills, sometimes I find these sorts of encounters to be more interesting as they remind me of what Dexter is actually capable of. Granted, this particular hitman seemed as though he probably only graduated from Assassin University with a 2.0 GPA but he did have a gun at the ready which made him a threat none-the-less. As always, it is the small things that remind me what a phenomenal actor Michael C Hall really is. The subtle shift of his facial expression and deadening of his eyes when he drops his ruse of being the building’s maintenance man was truly chilling; it is those things that make you believe Dexter truly is capable of the things he does.

Speaking of Isaak Sirko, we had yet another stellar scene between he and Dexter. While he doesn’t bring the same sense of dread that John Lithgow did as the Trinity killer I have to say that he is now my favorite villain of the series. There is a depth to this character that I don’t believe we have seen from a villian up to this point, and to be honest I don’t want the inevitable to happen. I would be much happier if there was a way to keep him around as a sort of Moriarty to Dexter‘s Holmes because I can honestly say I will miss him when he ends up at the bottom of the ocean. How great was it that he is the one to explain love to Dexter in a way that he understood… in a gay  bar!?! 

Finally, the last big moment of the night happened when Deb confronts Dexter over Hannah. At first I wasn’t sure how I felt about a second argument between the siblings in one episode, but then the bomb dropped as Deb told him that she was in love with him! I have to admit I wasn’t feeling that odd tangent of a storyline last season, and I had just assumed that they had dropped it like so many other sub-plots, but man it felt so perfect the way it hit in this episode. Like a perfectly timed right hook to the jaw of Dexter‘s world you could see how it shook him to his very core. Where this goes now I have no clue, but just as Dexter forced a change in the dynamic between them when he admitted he was a serial killer now Deb has done the same. All I know is I will be glued to the TV waiting to see what happens next, that’s for sure!

We also had movement on all of these subplots as well:

  • La Guerta keeps slowly piecing things together, finding signifigance in Dexter‘s boat. As much as I despise her character, she is a good detective and I just don’t see how much longer it will be until this comes to a head.
  • Angel bought his restaurant, giving him a much needed place he can retire to. That is assuming the writers don’t continue to rain misfortune on his head as they are apt to do. I have a horrible feeling that there will be an issue with the money Quinn gave him, and that his dream of a peaceful life running a business will be yanked out from under him.
  • More of Quinn’s dirty past was revealed this week. Not only did he accept bribes to look the other way, but it seems that he was involved in running interference for the Koshka Brotherhood back in the day. I have a feeling that things are going to end badly for Mr Quinn before the end of this season. 

The only complaint I have about this episode is the use of Aster, Cody and Harrison. Either they need to either be involved in the show, or not. Popping in like this is distracting and annoying! Yes, it prompted the opportunity for Deb and Dexter to have a nice, normal  brother/sister moment (something that used to be commonplace in the first few seasons and fell by the wayside of heavier plot points) and gave the opportunity for some hidden gems of wisdom and personal realizations but it just felt very forced and out of place.

What I feel this season is going to boil down to is that final line from Sirko in the bar scene; “The best we can hope for is to find a place we don’t have to pretend“. Very prophetic; and while the show ended on a note that makes you believe Hannah is that safe-haven for Dexter, the reality is that he has that place with both she and Deb. He can’t have both in his life, so who he chooses in the end will really set the tone for the last two seasons of this show.

What did you think loyal geeks? Is Quinn going out in a blaze of glory? Will Deb get canned due to a random drug test? Is Aster the most annoying child character since Anakin Skywalker? Let us know what you think! 

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    • I could do without Aster; I never really liked her character anyway, and she's just gotten more annoying now that she's a pre-teen. But, I guess all pre-teens are annoying, so kudos to the actress for a faithful portrayal.

      • I don't like being overly critical of child actors, but she is horrible. I want to punch the TV every scene she is in… I certainly hope they ship her back to Orlando and don't try and reintegrate her and Cody back into Dexter's life.

    • I have so much I want to say and I can't write it all down. Damn you Jerdy face for missing the podcast. The bar scene was my favorite but Dexter's reaction to Deb was pretty amazing. He was just sitting there trying to make sense of it all and I loved it.

      La Guerta needs to go. I can't stand that character and the way she says Angel makes me want to punch a nun.

      Ah!!!! Too much to talk about. I'll shoot you an email or we can Skype. I have to talk about this season some more.

      • You boob-faces should have invited me on… I will wax poetic about Miami based serial killers and your unfounded and irrational hatred of zombie goodness anytime.

        • I sent you two emails inviting you to the podcast and we never heard back. You silly jerdy face.

          • Whatchoo talkin' bout Willis? Lemme figure out what's up on the email front. My bad on calling you a boob-face.

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