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About Last Night – The Walking Dead, “When the Dead Come Knocking” (Spoilers)

Posted on November 26, 2012 at 8:22 am by Amanda Andonian

walking dead when the dead come knocking

We’re back for another thrilling episode of The Walking Dead. This week it’s season 3 episode 7, “When the Dead Come Knocking,” in which Glenn and Maggie are tortured, Andrea continues to be a pain in the ass, and Michonne says more than five words to someone. If you haven’t seen last night’s episode yet, be warned that there are spoilers ahead!

Last Spoiler Warning!

This week’s episode gets off to a rough start with Merle going to town on Glenn’s face. While I’m always a fan of seeing Steven Yeun get more screen time, it was hard to watch him get beat half to death by Merle. Obviously Merle thinks that he can break Glenn easily, and he’s unpleasantly surprised to find that Glenn has more inner strength than he anticipated.

walking dead when the dead come knockingWhich comes to the biggest bad-ass moment of the episode: Glenn taking on a walker by himself while duct-taped to a chair. It was an incredible five minutes of action made all the more tense by the shaky-cam style of filming that they used for the scene. At the end of it, Glenn stands over the walker’s finally still body and lets out a primal scream that’s not so much triumphant as it is an exhalation of the pent up anger and helplessness he’s been feeling while under Merle’s “care.”

Meanwhile, Andrea is being as oblivious as ever, helping the Governor and his pet scientist, Milton, with their latest experiment in walker studies. Milton is convinced that there must be something left of the person after they die and have turned, but Andrea knows better from her experience with Amy. Of course, his little experiment with an old man dying from cancer goes awry, forcing Andrea to save Milton’s ass before he gets bitten. Not the most exciting part of the episode, and I wish they’d hurried it along a bit more. I definitely could care less about what the Governor and Milton are trying to accomplish, especially when it’s probably just trying to figure out a way to bring the Governor’s daughter back to life somehow.

walking dead when the dead come knockingAt the prison, Michonne manages to “talk” her way in by passing out at the front gates. Even as crazy as his life as been up to date, Carl still wants to help a stranger, and he picks off the walkers that surround her prone form with well-aimed pistol shots. With the decision pretty much taken out of his hands, Rick quickly brings Michonne inside, and they begin to care for her wounds. Of course she’s reticent at first, but this does not go over well with Rick, who demands to know how she found them. Michonne finally tells him about how Glenn and Maggie were kidnapped, which sets off a frenzy of activity as the group prepares to go save them.

walking dead when the dead come knockingThere were some good moments interspersed with the incredibly messed up ones, such as the tearful reunion with Carol and Rick’s heartwarming conversation with Carl about what to name the baby (Judith? Really???). The gang’s foray into the forest was very entertaining, especially given the fact that Michonne’s obviously impressed with how disciplined they all are. Of course, the worst part of the episode was the Governor torturing Maggie with the threat of raping her. If we had any doubts about what kind of psycho he was, they were all blown right out the window as he dominated and tormented her. He still got what he wanted, though, which was for either her or Glenn to break and tell him where the prison was. I was mad at Maggie for being weak, but she did just go through the most unendurable type of trauma that a woman can confront, and the man she loved had a gun to his head. I’m 100% certain that I’d fold like a basket of laundry too.

Though I was hoping for a bit more on the Governor vs. Rick front, last night’s episode definitely begins to set up the impending confrontation between the two of them. They still only know each other through hearsay, but they’re soon to come to heads if this week’s installment is any indication. Sadly, Woodbury and the Prison haven’t collided just yet, but last night made me eager to see what’s in store for the midseason finale. You can check out this horrible sneak below (featuring both Andrea and crickets!), or you can wait til next week for the midseason finale.

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    • Why are they doing this mid-season break thing again?!?!? Arrrgghhh!!!!

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