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About Last Night: The Walking Dead – “Walk With Me”

Posted on October 28, 2012 at 10:38 pm by Amanda Andonian

Welcome to Woodbury! This week’s episode of The Walking Dead, “Walk With Me,” got off to a strange and eerie start with a helicopter crash. At first, we don’t really know if this is happening in the past or the present, but then the camera cuts away to Michonne and Andrea staring off at the distant plume of smoke. Now we know that somewhere there are people with the resources to maintain a helicopter, so who are these people?

We get our first look at the Governor and his men while they’re combing through the crash. Andrea wants to reveal themselves because it seems that the Mayor is trying to save the men, but Michonne convinces her to stay put. She’s so concerned with keeping them hidden that she actually beheads her faithful walker pets just to shut them up. Unfortunately, it’s all for naught when a familiar and creepy voice comes out of the woods and tells them to drop their weapons. Thus the dramatic return of Merle! For reals this time!

Clearly, Andrea isn’t doing so hot, constantly gagging and vomiting as they walk towards the crash. I thought for sure that she was going to give them away when she and Michonne were hiding in the bushes, but it turns out they were never going to get away unseen, anyway. It’s kind of strange watching Andrea and Merle reminisce over old times together with the group, and rather surprising when he shows some sympathy to her over the death of her sister.

When the Governor comes in and presents Michonne and Andrea with an offer they can’t refuse, it’s no wonder that they balk at his attempts to get them to stay. I doubt that I would be super grateful for his generosity if I’d been forcibly taken to some weird town that’s under martial law. Given Michonne’s attachment to her sword, I imagine his refusal to allow her to walk around armed is not helping her trust him any. I’m sure if they knew about the secret laboratory where that awkward scientist guy works, they’d be even less inclined to stay at Woodbury.

Speaking of the lab, how weird is that place? It’s understandable that the Governor would have someone working on figuring out what drives the walkers and how best to defend themselves against the undead threat. That doesn’t make the lab any less disturbing, though, a feeling that is only amplified by the nerdy scientist’s obvious excitement over examining Michonne’s walker pets. Also, how many other walkers have been in there under this guy’s microscope?

On a side note, the way that so much emphasis is put on the tea that the scientist guy makes seems odd to me. Maybe I’m over thinking it, but after all the trouble they go to in order to set the scientist up as someone who is working in secret on experiments and whatnot, I feel like something is going on with the tea.

As for the Governor, played by David Morrissey, I love how he can sound so sinister even as he’s saying things that are supposed to be reassuring and helpful. Every word out of his mouth seems so loaded with hidden meaning and veiled threats, and yet you can’t actually find fault with the things he’s saying. Of course, he’s not the great humanitarian that he wants everyone to believe he is, as evidenced by his sneak attack on the soldiers. On the one hand, bringing in more mouths to feed probably wouldn’t be in Woodbury’s best interests, let alone the fact that the soldiers would no doubt question his authority, but the way he takes them out is pretty cold hearted. It even seems that he gets some sick enjoyment out of beating the soldier to death, which is another indication of the darkness that lurks beneath.

Andrea is just as annoying as ever, and she seems to eat the Governor’s story hook, line, and sinker. Granted she’s been on the run for a while, and she’s obviously sick and tired of doing so, which makes it a little more understandable that she wants to believe so much. However, her blatant flirting with the Governor at the end of the episode is extremely crass and off-putting. Keep it in your pants Andrea!

By the time we get to the last few seconds of the episode, if you weren’t sure whether the Governor was really a bad guy or not, his creepy aquarium leaves no doubt as to his malicious intent. What is he doing with those heads? Why is he keeping them like that? How does he decide which ones he’s going to keep? Leave us your speculation in the comments!

Biggest “WTF?!?” Moment: The slow reveal of the Governor’s walker-head collection.

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    • I really hope they give Michone something to do besides glower at people and try to look bad-ass. =/

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