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About Last Night: The Walking Dead – “Sick”

Posted on October 22, 2012 at 5:00 am by Amanda Andonian

The thrilling continuation of the drama at the prison in season 3 episode 2 of The Walking Dead – “Sick”! Right off the bat, it’s instant tension between the group and the prisoners, who have no idea what’s going on. Obviously, the theme of this episode is going to be how these two disparate groups of people manage to get along (or not). It also delves a little further into the issues between Rick and Lori, giving us a better understanding of what they’ve been dealing with in their marriage.

It’s pretty awesome how the whole team works together seamlessly to get Herschel to safety while the prisoners stare on dumbfounded. The rush through the halls of the prison is tense and dark, and their efforts to save Herschel are hurried, but swift and professional at the same time. Their frenetic action juxtaposed with the prisoners’ mute astonishment is a clear testament to how far the group has come compared to the people they used to be. Which is why it’s kind of sad watching the prisoners realize that the entire world has changed for them in the 10 months that they were locked in the cafeteria. Of course, any sympathy goes out the window once the “leader,” Tomas, starts talking. It doesn’t take him long to try and claim the prison as his own, even though the others clearly want to make a deal with Rick. Still, Rick manages to negotiate a truce with them, but it seems tenuous at best.

Meanwhile, Carol and Lori are working hard to keep Herschel alive, but it’s clear that the strain is starting to get to them. Lori does her best to put on a brave face for everyone, and yet there’s no way to hide the fact that all their hands are covered in blood from trying to save him. Maggie turns to Glen for comfort, and he does his best, but she’s already convinced that Herschel is dead, as evidenced by her talk with Beth. Not gonna lie, I cried like a baby when Maggie told Herschel that he didn’t have to fight anymore. Also not gonna lie, I thought that she was going to euthanize him. I think this show is warping my mind.

Returning back to the prisoners, Rick, Daryl, and T-Dog, things are not going very well. Since Rick agreed to help them clear out a cell block for half of their food, he tries to coach them on how to kill the walkers. Unfortunately, they’re either dumb, weren’t listening, or didn’t believe Rick, because they shank the walkers instead of stabbing them in the head. As a result, one of the prisoners get’s scratched by a walker. As Rick tries to explain that there’s no hope, Tomas suddenly starts hitting his infected compatriot in the head, swinging until the head is completely gone. Rick sees the look in the guy’s eyes after killing the other prisoner, and it’s pretty obvious that he has a problem that’s only going to grow worse.

Of course, it does grow worse minutes later when Tomas makes multiple attempts to kill Rick “in the heat of battle.” Rick’s no fool, though, and after several tense seconds in a starting contest with the guy, Rick axes Tomas in the head, taking heed of Lori’s entreaty to keep the group safe at all costs. It’s a pretty badass move on his part, and those few seconds before he does it are so filled with a “will he? won’t he?” tension that it’s almost unbelievable when he actually does it. It also seems to be a turning point for Rick—he’s truly committed himself to protecting the group at all costs, even if that cost is a little bit of his humanity.

There’s growing tension in the Grimes family, too, which we see in Lori and Carl’s argument over whether he should have gone for medical supplies to help Herschel. Lori can’t help being a mother who wants to protect her child, but Carl is way past the point where he can accept her protection. The world that he lives in is not the world that she thought she’d raise him in, and we already starting to see how it’s warping Carl’s mind. Although he knows that this place is dangerous, Carl has no sense of caution when it comes to venturing out by himself, and his recklessness is only reinforced by the fact that he was able to take out two walkers on his own.

Lori’s problems are not helped by the fact that Rick is still angry with her, though it’s hard to feel sympathy for her given that the rift between them is because of Shane. However, it seems that she’s come around to Rick’s side of things, telling him that he’s not a killer, that she knows he has no malice in his heart; so no matter what he has to do to keep them safe, he should do so knowing that his conscience is clean. It’s not totally apparent at first whether this little pep talk means anything to Rick, but after he kills Tomas, it’s obvious that he took her words to heart. Later on, when he thanks Lori for saving Herschel, the look on his face is so tortured and broken, it almost sounds like he’s also thanking her for those words that gave him the strength to do what had to be done with the prisoners.

On a side note, huge props to Carol for taking charge when it comes to the medical needs of the group. It was pretty ballsy of her to go out and get a walker that she could practice her C-section skills on, though I’m not looking forward to the episode when she actually has to deliver Lori’s baby. Also, who’s hiding in the woods?!? It has to be a living person since they were clearly trying to hide, but why are they hiding, and why are the writers showing us this?

That’s it for my review of last night’s The Walking Dead. What did you think? Are things between Lori and Rick getting better? Will Herschel pull through? It seems like we won’t really get a chance to find out next week since the previews indicate that it’s going to be an Andrea/Michonne episode, but I’m also excited for the show to finally reveal the Mayor. Leave your thoughts in the comments!

Favorite line of the episode: Rick – “No more of this prison riot shit.”

Biggest “WTF?!?” moment: Herschel coming back to life.

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    • Will someone *please* tell the writers to do something with T-Dog? /facepalm

      • Haha, no kidding. He's basically the token black guy right now.

        • thejerd

          I thought the T stood for "Token"… right? =P

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