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About Last Night: The Walking Dead – “Say the Word”

Posted on November 11, 2012 at 10:56 pm by Amanda Andonian

We’re back for another thrilling episode of The Walking Dead, “Say the Word”! Can’t say I was particularly happy about it starting off with Andrea, but the crazy reveal with the Governor up top more than made up for the minor annoyance of having to listen to her speak. How about that weird thing with his walker daughter? Almost makes me feel a little bad for the guy. Almost.

At Woodbury, Michonne is apparently bolstered by her findings in the soldiers’ vehicle, continuing her snooping around by breaking into the Governor’s house. She relieves the Governor of possession of her katana, and she starts looking through a ledger on his desk, revealing a long list of names followed by pages of the kind of creepy hashes that crazy people write over and over in notebooks in movies. I think that we can assume that the last name on the list, Penny, is his daughter, which would make it a list all the people in the town who died and turned into walkers. But why does he have this list? What’s its purpose?

Of course, Michonne gets into a clash with the Governor, and he tries to bring her in line, but I don’t understand why he doesn’t just kick her out and be done with her. I guess doing so might alienate Andrea, but it would certainly solve a lot of problems for him. In any case, Michonne proves that she could kill him whenever she feels like it, and that’s probably what makes him decide to let her leave later. Michonne manages to convince Andrea that they should try to walk out the front gate, but she definitely doesn’t look happy about it. When Merle doesn’t confirm Michonne’s assertion that they can’t leave, Andrea thinks that settles it, but Michonne calls their bluff and heads out on her own.

I don’t really feel like the show has done a great job of showing us how close Michonne and Andrea are. I know that they’ve spent over 8 months together on their own fighting their way through the wilds, and I know that I mentioned back during the premiere that their closeness is apparent, but what little we’ve seen of the two of them together lately doesn’t really speak to a strong relationship. I’m constantly finding myself wondering why Michonne has stuck around Andrea for so long, but maybe that’s just because I find her so obnoxious myself.

Back with the group, they’re still reeling from the losses they’ve just suffered. Rick can’t deal with anything just yet, disappearing back into the prison. I loved seeing Daryl step up as the leader while Rick was out of his mind. It showed that he really does care about the group, no matter what kind of front he puts up for everyone else. I also found it incredibly sweet how he picked up a doll for the new baby while he and Maggie were at the nursery. He’s already invested in the health of Lori’s baby, and it seems to at least have given him and others a small bit of hope.

With Rick, unfortunately, he’s come completely unhinged. He’s quickly losing himself to mindless grief, and it’s almost as though he’s died along with Lori. It’s almost like he’s a walker himself now, staring blindly through Glenn, his breathing rattling and harsh like a walker’s. When he finally stumbles across where Lori died, it’s so tense wondering whether he’s going to find her torn body or her come back as walker.

Even though we heard the gunshot, I kind of wondered whether Carl had actually done the deed, especially once Rick enters the room to find only a bloody floor and a bullet on the ground. The death rattle of a walker from across the room seems to bear out that fear at first, but then Rick finds another walker instead, apparently bloated and full from feeding on Lori’s remains. Killing it doesn’t seem to provide any relief to Rick; it only serves to fan the flames of his impending insanity, which is capped off by the phone ringing mysteriously before the episode ends. Fans of the comic can probably guess what this phone call portends, but I won’t spoil it for those who have no idea. Suffice to say, it marks a huge shift in Rick as a character and a person.

What did you all think of this week’s episode? What’s the Governor hiding in Woodbury? Has Rick gone completely insane?

Biggest “WTF?!?” Moment: the walker gladiatorial games in Woodbury.

Favorite line of the episode: “You’re a little ass-kicker aren’t you?” – Daryl to the baby.

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