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About Last Night– The Walking Dead, “Prey”

Posted on March 17, 2013 at 10:16 pm by Jess Hicks



It’s that time of the week again! Avert your eyes if you wish to avoid spoilers.

We only have 2 more episodes left in the third season of The Walking Dead and honestly I can’t wait! Not saying I’m not liking this season but sometimes I just feel like it is never going to end. But I am getting ahead of myself; let’s start with what happened last night!

Unfortunately, or fortunately depending on your preference, this episode is centered entirely on Andrea and Woodbury. Milton shows Andrea to the Governor’s makeshift torture room where he plans on doing awful things Michonne. Andrea decides to kill him right then in there while he is preparing but Milton stops her saying that Martinez would just replace him and continue the attack. I really don’t think Martinez poses any sort of a threat. If the Governor was killed he would take over and move on to do whatever else he wanted. He has no real stake in killing anyone at the prison; he would probably scare them and be done with it.


After Milton explains what the Governor actually was planning, Andrea decides to scurry off to join Rick and the others against her ex-boyfriend. On the flip side we see Tyreese and his gang butting heads with each other over if the people of Woodbury are sane or not. They have a fight about whether or not it is okay to set walkers loose on the prison and let them eat the group. Personally I can’t see a better way to fight your enemy but I guess I get the whole women and children thing. The rest of the episode consists of Andrea making her way back to the prison and being hunted by the Governor.

I’ll admit the chase sequence of show (which was pretty much half) was pretty intense at times. It really let you see just how scary (and mildly sexy) the Governor can be. I don’t blame her for jumping into bed with the man. But, I digress. While the game of cat and mouse had its moments it was completely predictable. When she finally got to the prison I thought to myself, this can’t possibly go well. Of course it would be Rick’s turn for a look out! Not another person who doesn’t have a history of seeing things appear in the woods that aren’t really there.


I don’t hate Andrea nearly as much as the majority does so I am really hoping she gets to have one more fight with the Governor although it doesn’t look good for her. On second thought, when she left the Governor to be attacked by walkers why didn’t she check his damn truck for keys? If she would stop doing things like that the fans would hate her a lot less and maybe she would survive. But the fans have spoken so I suspect we can see her going sometime soon (Lori and T-Dog anyone?).


I can’t wait for the final show down between everyone in just 2 short weeks! What did you guys think of last night’s episode? Did Andrea do the right thing? Is the Governor going to kill Milton for setting his walkers a flame? Is the Governor sexy?? Leave us comments below!

    • No kidding, why didn't Andrea check for keys! I kept thinking, "Take his truck, TAKE HIS TRUCK!" All the writers had to do was have a quick 10 second scene showing that there were no keys in the truck or something.

      Anyway, I found it difficult to care much about whether Andrea was going to make since I'm not a big fan, and the "reveal" at the end that she's in the torture chamber was so predictable that it kind of enraged me that they spent so much time slowly navigating through the building until the camera rested on her. They could have used that time to show her checking for the keys to the truck!

      Also, if she hadn't stopped to gloat while the Governor was busy fending off walkers, she probably would've made it. Every second counts!

    • Haha I was shaking my head this whole episode. Andrea has to go. Anything the writers do to try and redeem her character will be too little, too late. It goes back much further than season 3 by the way. Remember her little feud with Dale wanting her gun. Or when she got upset at Lori for every little thing in season 2? Or what about when she wanted to prove she was useful and shot at Daryl when he was covered in dirt and looking half dead. Man I hate her character. I think Michonne said it best when she reminded Andrea that "she turned her back on her friend for a warm bed." F that broad in the A.

      The chase scene got on my got dang nerves too. I can't stand people that whistle. It's not terrifying or creepy, it's simply annoying. When she finally got away, I thought for sure she would take the truck, NOPE. I'm glad she didn't make it to the prison; I didn't want to hear her apology. She had a chance to stay a few episodes ago, but she chose to return to Woodbury. I don't want to see her tortured, just eaten. I'm sure Michonne will come to her rescue though.

      As for Tyreese and Co., I can only hope for the best. The father/son duo I can live without, but I like Tyreese and his sister. It's too bad they couldn't stay at the prison. Oh well, I'm sure there is plenty of time for bad things to happen to good people.

      Side note, I'm glad Glen and Maggie made up. It felt weird having them be mad at each other. Man I hate this show. Haha

      • "Man I hate this show" made me laugh out loud, HAHA

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