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About Last Night – The Walking Dead, “I Ain’t A Judas”

Posted on February 25, 2013 at 5:00 am by Amanda Andonian

the walking dead episode 11

Welcome back for another week of About Last Night – The Walking Dead edition. If you didn’t see the episode last night, rest assured that you didn’t miss a whole lot, unless you enjoy watching people’s ridiculous drama. I mean, as ridiculous as drama can be when everyone is under the pressure of living in an apocalyptic world where undead monsters want to eat your flesh! In any case, it seemed like the show was determined to prove Justin right in his assessment that nothing ever happens on The Walking Dead. After the Governor’s little “hello” to Rick and the others last week, last night’s episode was mostly concerned with how everyone is dealing with the fallout.

In the prison, everyone is arguing about whether or not they should stay and defend themselves, or run away and try to make it on the road like they did before. It gets pretty tense between Herschel and Rick, who’s still relatively unhinged from his encounter with “Lori.” Merle doesn’t really help things by trying to put in his two cents, but at the same time it’s hard to disagree with his arguments. If anyone knows what the Governor is actually like, it’s Merle; so he and Michonne are in an interesting position in that they actually agree with each other about something.

the walking dead episode 11The real question, though, is whether Rick can still handle the pressure of being the leader. Carl doesn’t seem to think so, as we finally see the whole scene in which he asks Rick to take a break. It’s hard to tell whether Carl wants to protect Rick, or whether he’s trying to give him a way out because he can see how badly things are going for his father. Granted, Carl’s not wrong when he says that Rick has earned a break, but they don’t exactly live in the kind of world where they can take a break whenever they need one, deserved or not.

Another reason why I wasn’t incredibly drawn into this episode is the fact that we have to deal with Andrea a lot more than usual. Now that she knows her friends are at the prison, she’s determined to go there to try and negotiate some kind of truce between Rick and the Governor. He gives her an ultimatum, though: if she goes to the prison, she should just stay there.

Of course, Andrea doesn’t think that anything ever applies to her, so she enlists Milton’s help to get out of Woodbury and head to the prison. I have to give her props, though, for walking the entire way, pushing a walker in front of her to keep the other walkers away. That took a ton of balls, and it couldn’t have been an easy journey by any means. If Andrea was expecting a warm welcome back at the prison, though, she was in for a rude awakening. Understandably, Rick doesn’t trust her at all, and Andrea seems to blame Michonne for turning them against her and the Governor. No one listens to Andrea’s pleas to try and make a deal with the Governor, and even Carol urges her to give him “the night of his life,” and then kill him while he sleeps.

the walking dead episode 11Funnily enough, all of my favorite moments from this week’s episode involved Carol. Not only does she calmly tell Andrea that she needs to kill the Governor and end the feuding before it can get going in earnest, but she also has a really nice moment with Daryl early on in the episode. It seems like Herschel and Carol are the true voices of reason within the prison right now, and both are doing their best to take care of everyone by giving heartfelt and honest advice. Whether anyone actually listens to either of them in the end remains to be seen.

Overall, this week was really about everyone airing their dirty laundry and trying to work things out between each other. In fact, while I was watching the show, my cousin asked me, “So, this is just people with drama, and there are zombies, right?” Yes, yes it is.

Did you guys watch The Walking Dead last night? What did you think of Andrea’s decision at the end of the episode? Should the prison kick Merle out, or do you think that he’ll actually become an asset? Is Rick finally getting himself together, or will his craziness get them into an even worse situation than they’re in already? Let us know in the comments!

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    • thejerd

      Zombie curb-stomp. 'Nuff said.

      • Yeah the was 5 seconds of a 42 min show. Snooze fest.

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