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About Last Night – The Walking Dead, “Hounded”

Posted on November 18, 2012 at 10:51 pm by Amanda Andonian

This week’s episode was pretty exciting as it ties up a few loose ends and sets up the real conflict of the season–Rick and the Governor coming to heads! Fair warning, there’s a few spoilers in this week’s review, so read no further if you didn’t watch it last night. Now on to episode six of The Walking Dead, “Hounded”!

Apparently the Governor is not okay with Michonne taking off on her own since Merle and several other thugs are hot on her trail, hunting her through the forest. Although we knew that she’s a formidable fighter, we finally got to see what Michonne’s really capable of, even if all she has is a “pig-sticker.” As odd as this sounds, it’s kind of nice to see that Merle is still the same son of a bitch that he always was, stabbing people in the back and generally just looking out for himself.

Back at the prison, Rick is continuing to come unhinged, and it’s even more obvious after his conversation with the mysterious woman on the phone. It’s enough to jolt him out of his grief long enough to clean up and check in with the group, but when the second conversation doesn’t go as planned, it’s clear that he’s barely hanging on. Herschel doesn’t seem as hopeful as Rick does about the people on the people on the phone, which is understandable. They don’t actually know who’s on the other end and what their intentions are; and Rick’s ready acceptance of the woman’s story is just another sign of him cracking under the pressure.

I figured that either the people on the phone didn’t actually exist, and that’s why they seem to know more about Rick than he actually told them, or they’re from Woodbury, and they know all about him from what Andrea told the Governor. Fans of the comic already knew that it was the former, and Rick’s tearful confession to “Lori” on the phone just continues to show how broken Rick is now. At the same time, it seems to have given him the stimulant he needed to pull himself together long enough to take an actual look at his new daughter.

In Woodbury, Andrea is still going on about the arena event, but that doesn’t stop her from flirting with the Governor just as much as she did before. She wants to “contribute,” and apparently that means manning the wall. I’d like to think that she’s just trying to position herself in such a way that she has ready access to weapons; but knowing her character, it’s more like she wants to feel important, and being able to kill walkers is the only thing that ever made her feel like she was in control.

That little scene on the wall definitely bears that assessment out, making it apparent that Andrea just wants to do something. For all her talk about wanting to feel safe, she’s awfully quick to run up to random walkers and take them out one-on-one. It’s disturbing how much enjoyment she gets out of it, and I figured it was just setup for her going up to the Governor later and saying that she does understand the appeal of the arena fighting. Their flirting is definitely getting on my nerves, especially since their proximity to death is so obviously turning them on to each other. Can’t say I’m surprised that they’re hooking up, though, and it’s clearly going to take a turn for the worse very quickly.

I do like how Daryl is bonding with everyone, especially Carl. Their conversation about their mothers was pretty heart-breaking, especially since it should be Rick talking Carl through the loss of his mother, even though he’s certainly not in any shape to do so quite yet. It was also a relief that Daryl managed to stumble across Carol, who’s been hidden away in the prison and unable to make her way back due to her injuries. It was a nice ray of hope in an otherwise darker and darker situation for them all, and it’s bound to give them all something to feel good about. They’re definitely going to need it.

Which brings me to the most exciting development this week—the fact that all the characters are finally starting to come together. Not only did Merle find Glenn and Maggie, which will bring the group to Woodbury eventually, but with Michonne managing to make her way to the prison as well, we’ll probably see the entire cast in one place within the next couple of episodes. No more of these dumb concurrent storylines and having to endure watching Andrea and the Governor all the time. The plot is definitely going to thicken!

So what did you guys think? Are you excited for this turn of events? Let us know in the comments!

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    • How absolutely awesome was the Daryl/Carol scene? Amaze-balls!

    • stephenkjanes

      That end scene was great, I'm really excited for the upcoming episodes and how everything is coming together.


      This season is starting to shape up and wash the taste of season 2 out of my mouth. And the Daryl Carol scene was great.

    • Yes, Daryl/Carol was probably my favorite part of the whole episode! So glad he found her.

    • Snooze fest. Way too much Andrea and the Gov. 100% over them and any screen time with those two characters is wasted. Especially that 3 minute scene of them drinking whiskey. It just doesn't work. It's boring as fook and it takes me out of the show. Hate, hate, hate, hate, hate, LOATHE!

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