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About Last Night – The Walking Dead, “Clear” [SPOILERS]

Posted on March 3, 2013 at 10:36 pm by Amanda Andonian

walking dead clear

It seems like the past is coming back to haunt everyone in this week’s episode of The Walking Dead, “Clear.” This week’s review will be a little shorter than usual since I don’t want to dissect the episode anymore than I have already, and most of what happens is really all about Rick’s development and journey as a character. If you haven’t watched it yet, go no further! Massive spoilers ahead.

Last Spoiler Warning!

First of all, I was so happy that we didn’t have to deal with anyone except for Rick, Carl, Michonne, and our very special guest Morgan! If you were wondering what happened to Rick’s savior from the beginning of the series, this is the episode that we finally find out. Unfortunately, it’s not a happy revelation, given that he’s lost his son and pretty much gone insane.

walking dead clearVery early on, it becomes obvious that this episode is all about the contrast between Rick and Morgan and how their respective experiences since they last met made them into the men that they are now. Would Rick have ended up the same way as Morgan had their positions been reversed? Is he actually on his way to reaching that same breaking point that pushed Morgan into his current state of insanity? Rick even says that they’re the same, that they came from the same place, and he obviously feels the need to save Morgan–though it seems more for himself than for Morgan’s sake.

Ever since Lori’s death, I’ve wondered whether Rick would be able to pull himself out of the depression spiral that he was in, and if he did, how he would manage to get it all together. In the past couple of episodes, it sort of seemed like he was getting himself back on track, especially after Andrea’s visit; but at the same time, there was no indication that he’d actually dealt with the craziness that was creeping up on him. With the reintroduction of Morgan, I think that Rick finally found what he needed to hang on to in order to survive everything that’s happened.

walking dead clearDespite Rick’s entreaties that he come join them at the prison, Morgan refuses. It’s an extremely emotional scene between the two of them, and we can almost feel Rick’s sadness when he realizes that there’s nothing more that he can so for the man who saved him. While he has a hard time coming to terms with the fact that Morgan has chosen his own path, Rick does seem to find a little bit of hope, recognizing that he needs to pull his shit together if he doesn’t want to end up like Morgan because no one can survive in this apocalyptic wasteland alone.

The side story with Carl and Michonne was also refreshing since Michonne finally got to do more than just glower silently at everyone. Not only did she manage to get into Carl’s good graces by helping him retrieve the photo of him and his parents, but she also showed a more personable side of herself, demonstrating that there’s more to her than just slicing into walker heads. By the end of the episode, both Rick and Carl have ostensibly welcomed her into the group, and it looks like she might just become the kind of friend and confidant that Rick needs.

So what did you all think of last night’s episode? Should Rick feel guilty for what happened to Morgan, or take it as an object lesson that should make him stronger? Tell us what you thought in the comments!

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