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About Last Night – The Walking Dead, “Arrow on the Doorpost”

Posted on March 10, 2013 at 10:48 pm by Amanda Andonian


Everything is coming to head in the run-up to the season finale, and tensions are high as the Governor and Rick finally come face-to-face and measure each other’s mettle in last night’s episode of The Walking Dead, “Arrow on the Doorpost.” While there were no “WTF?!?” moments last night, there were definitely some important developments in terms of how things stand between Woodbury and the prison. So let’s partake in some idle speculation!

What We Know So Far

walking dead the governorNeither the Governor nor Rick is willing to give any ground, which is clear from the very beginning of their meeting. Granted, we probably could have guessed that both men would refuse to deal on the other’s terms, but the enormity of their differences is made all the more obvious once they sat across the table from each other. In fact, even Daryl and one of the Governor’s henchman knew that the meeting was all for show, which they comment to each other in resigned tones after taking out half a dozen walkers in the episode’s one moment of actual interest.

Listening to the Governor and Rick talk to each other, the only word that came to mind was “pointless.” Both of them just seemed to be wasting time, playing the game with each other, but not really saying anything of worth. The Governor plays with Rick mercilessly, pretending to be an affable man who just wants to clear the air; and Rick mostly sits there in silence, eyeing the other man while still looking a little crazy around the edges. In the end, nothing is actually accomplished, so…pointless!

The only person who seems to be clueless still is Andrea, and boy is she clueless! It takes Rick’s oblique reference to what Maggie went through to finally jar Andrea out of her fantasy that “Phillip” is really a good guy after all. At the same time, she still goes back to Woodbury with him, even after Herschel confirmed her worst fears about Maggie’s treatment while in the town. With any luck, though, her decision to go back has more to do with putting herself in a better position to help Rick and betray the Governor.

Will There Be a Showdown?

the-walking-dead-doorpostOf course there will–where else could this story possibly go? The fact that the Governor asks for Michonne in exchange for leaving the prison alone is evidence enough that things are not going to end in a peaceable manner. Although Rick is sorely tempted to hand her over, even begging Herschel to talk him out of it, I seriously doubt that Rick will actually end up giving Michonne to the Governor. He may be afraid for everyone’s lives, especially the lives of his children, but I don’t think that Rick is quite hardened enough to sentence her to death after everything that she’s done for them.

Considering Andrea’s role in all of this, I think that she’s going to end up being the linchpin for the eventual battle between Woodbury and the prison. Will she turn against the Governor in order to help Rick? Can she muster people from within Woodbury in order to undermine the Governor’s plans? Most importantly, can she take out the Governor herself and end it all immediately? I think she’s definitely turned a corner (finally!), and we’ll start to see her choose sides, but I’m not quite convinced yet that she has the guts to turn against the Governor outright. I suppose we’ll see!

the-walking-dead-arrow-on-the-doorpostAlthough this week’s episode did cut back and forth between the meeting and the rest of the gang in the prison, there weren’t really any developments there. Glenn and Maggie finally make up, Merle continues to be a pain in everyone’s ass, and Beth breaks up a fight by firing a gun inside the cell block. I think the writers just wanted to remind us that Merle is going to continue to be a point of contention within the prison group, and that he’s definitely not going to sit on the sidelines while everyone else makes the big decisions.

While last night does lay a lot of the groundwork for the final three episodes of the season, it felt kind of weak overall. I understand that some loose ends needed to be tied up, and that tensions between the Governor and Rick had to be re-established and then heightened, but it felt pretty boring. Sure, we can’t have high-octane action all the time, but I’m a little tired of all the back and forth as people try to decide what they’re going to do. Not even a walker massacre in the middle of the episode saved this hour for me. All this build-up doesn’t even make me feel any anticipation for the run-up to the finale; I’m just kind of tired of it all already.

But perhaps I’m wrong? What did you guys think of The Walking Dead last night? Let us know in the comments!

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    • DarthShiva

      I don't know, I mean while the show last night was not as fast paced as others, I think that having the groups outside interact will make it harder for both sets to blindly follow killing orders as we saw with the Governor's "advisor" when they got back (I forget that guy's name, he's so spineless it makes him uninteresting to me) but interacting with Herschel really seemed to give him some perspective on what the Governor is doing in reality. I'm glad that Rick didn't buy into the Governor's bullshit and seemed to actually see through to what he really wanted by understanding that handing Michonne over will be death for them as well. I'm hoping Merle wanted to get out there to save his brother and not just betray the whole prison group like a giant douchebag because he's bored at the prison. By the looks of the preview for next week, it seems like the group that was thrown out by Rick at the prison will betray Andrea to the governor which irritates me, but we'll see how that goes as well. Hopefully she actually makes a decision and follows through with it, because so far in my opinion, she has done nothing but make really stupid decisions and then waffle around in her feelings.

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