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About Last Night– The Following, “Welcome Home”

Posted on March 12, 2013 at 3:23 pm by Jess Hicks

Welcome back to About Last Night: The Following edition! As always there be SPOILERS here so read at your own risk!

Last week we saw the killer get away while his ex-wife was sent to protective custody. I was excited to see that there were tons more followers than I initially thought. Although, now it looks as though most of them will be “dealt” with very quickly. Last night we saw 5 get taken out extremely quickly by Hardy and we didn’t even get to know them.


As you all know I thought for sure that Shawn Ashmore’s character (Weston) was one of the followers but last night I was proved wrong. After the FBI loses Carroll, they call in the big guns and all but kick Hardy off the team. Unfortunately Weston helps Hardy hack into the new boss’ email and gets himself sent home. Once back to the hotel, Weston realizes he is being followed and tries desperately to get to safety but he is soon captured and it’s up to Hardy to find him.


In “Welcome Home” we finally get to meet Roderick who, surprise surprise, is really the sheriff of a local town. We then get another flashback of Roderick meeting Carroll in prison and telling him how much he admires him and wants to help and blah blah blah. You know what? These flashbacks really bother me! How are these people discussing murder and other crimes in the presence of guards and NOT getting caught? The only logical explanation is that the guard(s) is in on it? But that would mean EVERY guard at the prison is in on his cult? That would be really convenient and if that is the case couldn’t he have escaped a long time ago? Too many questions and not enough answers so let’s move on to the best part of this episode!


Weston gets captured by Roderick and a few other cohorts and is brought to an isolated location. Here he is told to reveal the location of Carroll’s wife or fight to the death with one of the followers. This was definitely a tense part of the episode because Weston really gets a good beating. Although he is the only one who actually knows where she is he never tells even after being beaten with metal pipes and eventually taking a knife to the stomach. I would have liked to see him die only to get Hardy’s angrier side to come out but Shawn Ashmore is one of the more well known actors on this show so I doubt we’ll see him go any time soon.

Aside from the fight scene there wasn’t a whole lot of interesting things happening. We do get to see Carroll kill one of his followers who welcomes it as blessing but that is pretty much it. Other than that we get another suicidal follower, a sex scene between Carroll and Emma, and more bickering from the cops. I suppose a lot can happen from here though; after all there are still 8 episodes left.

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