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About Last Night– The Following, “Love Hurts”

Posted on March 19, 2013 at 9:44 pm by Jess Hicks

I have such mixed feelings on this show that I just can’t help but watch it every week! As always please beware of spoilers!


Last night’s episode revealed yet another one of Carroll’s “chapters” in his master plan to accomplish…ummm… whatever it is that he hopes to achieve (we don’t need end goals, right?). That chapter in question was to eliminate all women named “Clair Matthews” (Carroll’s wife’s name) in order to make the real Clair Matthews come out of hiding. He does this by sending out a new follower who killed her husband and his lover. Apparently because she has a special hatred for infidelity this makes her perfect to get back at Hardy who slept with Carroll’s wife.

I really liked this follower; she was kooky and actually kind of funny. Thankfully she didn’t get killed so I am hoping she will escape and we will see more of her. However, Hardy does end up killing a follower while he is tracking down the last Clair Matthews. I really hate that they keep killing off these followers so easily. One, it kind of takes away from the “scariness” of them and two it seems completely counterproductive. They need to arrest them and then put them in a strait jacket or something to prevent them from killing themselves.


We also got the low down on what happened to Jacob and Paul. After an attack Paul get’s injured and they head to Jacob’s parent’s house. Even though his mother knows her son and friend are suspected of murder and being in a cult she willingly accepts them into her home and treats his wounds. If I were his mother I would have kicked him to the curb, but that’s just me I guess. He reveals to her that he has never killed anyone and apparently she trusts him enough to let him stay.

However, Paul is extremely ill and can’t make it to the mansion where the rest of the followers are so he gets Jacob to honor his one last wish: kill him. The scene is meant to be emotional but I just didn’t really feel it. Paul was such an unlikeable character I was happy to see him go and Jacob was such a whiner that it seemed satisfying for him to do it.


Finally, Jacob makes his way to the mansion and is reunited with a clearly pissed off Emma. What I loved best about this episode, and really the last few, is any interaction with Roderick. He seems the most sadistic and it is often times extremely amusing to watch. I hope he remains on the show for awhile because he is really the most interesting character.


What puzzles me is the complete LACK of anything that has to do with Edgar Allen Poe in the last few episodes. Did the writers realize it was kind of a lame idea or did they just run out of ways to in cooperate it? Personally, I would like to see more deaths related to his methods of writing and maybe a “Masque of the Red Death” type deal with the mansion. There is just so much opportunity with this show that I think the writers are really missing out on.


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