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About Last Night–The Following, “Let Me Go”

Posted on March 5, 2013 at 11:28 am by Jess Hicks

Welcome to this week’s About Last Night: The Following Edition! And boy was last night an exciting episode. Do not read any further if you wish to avoid spoilers. Spoilers I say!


Okay, now that I have weeded out the non-followers (see what I did there?) we can commence with our discussion of last night’s episode. We begin with everyone’s favorite criminal mastermind, Joe Carroll, orchestrating the world’s most predictable crime. We see that he has a meeting with the Warden and demands a request for transfer because Ryan Hardy broke a couple of his fingers several episodes ago. He then of course has people working for him on the inside and threatens to kill the Warden’s daughter if he doesn’t comply.

So Joe gets the transfer he requested and is sent packing to Virginia, supposedly. It doesn’t take long for Ryan Hardy to figure out what is going on and sends word to Detective Parker that Carroll isn’t in the transport vehicle but has really been ushered out by someone else. Hardy stops the Warden from leaving but soon realized Carroll isn’t with him and begins the search for his lawyer.

thefollowing lawyer

After yet another chase sequence, Hardy again comes within feet of ending this case but is thwarted by more followers. Carroll escapes on a helicopter and Hardy learns where the Warden’s daughter is after some more questionable interrogation tactics of one of the followers.

Joe is free and we finally get a look at just how many followers are working with him. The very end of this episode shows Joe and his son Joey reuniting in front of this sprawling mansion surround by 50+ of Joe’s loyal servants.


This show continues to intrigue yet annoy me at the same time. I really didn’t understand why it took even 30 seconds for them to realize that Carroll was planning to escape. Even when they realized, Parker stood outside of where they were supposedly loading him into the vehicle. You would think that if there was this evil of a genius with tons of followers the good guys would keep an eye on his every move.

Of course, that also brings up the idea of who exactly is involved considering it could literally be anyone. I wouldn’t be surprised if Parker was involved considering she grew up in a cult to begin with. I’m still convinced Shawn Ashmore’s character is involved. He just seems a little too eager to please Hardy all the time without having a motive.


Speaking of Hardy! Good grief stop running everywhere! I find it hard to believe you have a pacemaker when it only affects you when the plot deems necessary. Sure, he gets out of breath sometimes but he can run forever until he gets within feet of the person he is chasing and then collapses. I think he needs a motorized scooter.

Sad Bacon

Sad Bacon

The end of this episode did hook me in though; I can’t wait to see what Joe has planned and how each of these followers will play a role. Given that the show has been renewed we can hope to get insight into most of them. So what did you think? Do you think any of Hardy’s team is in on it? Do you think Joey will start taking after dear old dad? Leave me comments and let me know!

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