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About Last Night– The Following, “Guilt”

Posted on March 26, 2013 at 8:14 am by Jess Hicks

Welcome back to About Last Night: The Following edition, as always please stop reading now if you wish to avoid SPOILERS.

Last night Ryan Hardy did his very best to keep Claire Matthews from getting captured by Joe Carroll’s militant groupies. The FBI discovers their phones have been compromised and that the followers are on their way to where Claire is being held. Once Ryan gets there he realizes that the followers have already arrived at the hotel and is forced to take Claire out the back and try to run for cover. After tearing off the tracking device from the car they head to one of Ryan’s old buddies who has been off the grid for 5 years. But of course just when we think they are safe Claire finds a tracking chip in her sweater (it didn’t occur to them to search her clothes before?) and they are soon surrounded by followers again.

TF Guilt

Meanwhile back at chez Carroll, we see Jacob is pulling a Rick Grimes on us and seeing his dead ex-lover around every corner. It seems that his subconscious wants him to kill Emma, the girl who he loved but betrayed them by running away. We go back and forth with this for a while until Emma turns on the waterworks and gets Jacob in bed. He has a minor freak out and has to run to the bathroom where he is confronted by “Paul” who encourages him to kill Emma (which I was rooting for the whole time). Instead Jacob stabs imaginary “Paul” and then proceeds to almost choke Emma to death but instead throws her down and leaves.

TheFollowing Jacob

The amount of ridiculous problems that this show has just keeps growing. So let’s just star at the beginning! I don’t mean of the episode, I mean when Carroll first escaped. When that happened I don’t understand why the FBI didn’t send Claire out of the country immediately? Oh but they didn’t realize how many followers he had then, you might say. Well they knew that pretty quickly after he escaped so why would they keep her less than a day’s drive away from where they are? So they don’t know the exact location of the mansion but they know Carroll’s people are in the area. They should have sent her ass to Nigeria and been done with it.

Secondly, while Ryan and Claire are trapped at his friend’s house she runs off by herself and WILLINGLY goes with the followers to see her son! I get that she wants to see her son but this completely makes the last few episodes a waste of time. They went through all of that trouble just for her to go and leave with them with no fight at all. It would have made it all the more emotional if she had been taken with a fight while Hardy watched. Also, what does she think she is going to accomplish by going to him? Does she think she will convince all of these people that Carroll is crazy? I doubt it since these people are all incredibly insane as well.

Lastly (and I could go on but that would take hours), at the end we see the arrival of yet another follower. This time the follower is the ex-girlfriend of Ryan Hardy’s that we have seen referenced before. In this past episode we see a lot of flashbacks with Ryan and Molly, they seem happy but Ryan is convinced he has a death curse on him so he pushes her away. Unless there is more to that story that we don’t know, it seems like a really crappy reason to become a follower of a serial killer. Everything just seems so convenient in this show that it really takes away from it.


So until next week what do you think is going to happen to Claire when she gets to the mansion? Is Jacob going to kill Emma? Will Emma spoil the whole thing in a fit of jealous rage against Claire? Do you even care about any of these people anymore? Leave a comment below!

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