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About Last Night: Dexter Season 7 Finale “Surprise Motherf**ker”

Posted on December 17, 2012 at 8:20 am by Jeff Mueller

I guess when you don’t know how you feel about a dramatic season finale it is a good thing, right? Well, I hope it is a good thing because I am pretty conflicted over what I just saw!

The first half of this episode was oddly paced, leaving me unsure where it was all going. The immediate reveal that Hannah was indeed who poisoned Deb felt strange to be sure, then quickly front-loading the suspense with LaGuerta showing up at Dexter‘s front door with that arrest warrant. I was still scratching my head watching Dexter masterfully play with LaGuerta’s head while sitting in the interrogation room, trying to figure out what I missed. I couldn’t tell where we were going or where we were going to end up, and it was unsettling.

Once it became clear that he had set himself up to try and discredit LaGuerta (it shouldn’t come as a shock, but every time Dexter shows how devious he truly is I always find myself surprised at his ingenuity), the episode fell into a familiar pace and rhythm.

We got a great scene between Hannah and Deb prior to her arraignment and while I still felt a little let down over how she so callously admitted she poisoned Deb, this little window into her mind was needed I think. I was a little shocked at how easily Yvonne Strahovski turned on the dead eyes and let the evil drip from every word, but it was then that I finally believed she was capable of all the things she had been accused of.

We got some more great past season love in the form of some Doakes flashbacks. It was a nice touch having a little more flesh put on the bones of Doake’s Season 2 suspicions, and a good referesher for those who haven’t seen those episodes in the last 5 years.

Dexter Season 7 Finale

We also got a well placed, and well needed, conversation with Harry. The struggle of the viewers for a few years now has been trying to reconcile all of Dexter‘s actions against the premise that was hammered into our heads the first three seasons. That this entire existence of his was a shell, a facade, to cover his true self. Here he finally lays it on the table –

Somewhere the fake life we created as a cover became real, it’s not fake to me anymore!

So while we don’t know exactly when this transformation took place, or when Dexter even bacame aware of it himself, we now know moving forward that he considers his life there in Miami real. That we are seeing him without a mask when he makes decisions about his work, his family, his life. Maybe it isn’t a big deal to some, but that struggle always trying to figure out how deep the act went was always a troubling facet of the show to me. I am glad to have a more honest viewing relationship with my favorite serial killer now!

As the show continued walking to the end, I was getting a little anxious; was it really going to close the season on such familiar beats? There was LaGuerta being dressed down by Matthews, all the questions of the past two episodes seemingly dead, and Dexter was out cleaning up the loose end named Hector Estrada. I kept getting more concerned, especially when LaGuerta called Deb into her office to apologize, but I should have recalled the title of the episode. The twist came out of left field so hard and the tide turned so drastically that Deb’s shocked reaction mirrored my own! All the questions that had been quietly lulled to sleep in my head snapped back to full alert and we were no longer slowly making our way to the end of the episode, we were running full tilt towards the scary unknown!

I kept looking at my clock, watching the minutes go by and wondering how the writers were going to be able to wrap this up. As the minutes clicked by I became more and more fearful of a big cliff-hanger ending; especially when Deb’s car pulled into the shipyard, because I couldn’t imagine a scenario where this 12 episode ride could be summed up in 2-3 minutes. Then there it was; the moment, the act, that changes the show forever. I sat there on the edge of my couch hoping that the story wouldn’t play out like it did, because I knew that if Deb sacrificed the last threads of her moral fabric that the landscape and tone of the show would be forever different… so there had to be some angle I hadn’t thought of, some clever way out of the quicksand they all seemed to be sinking in. Man was I wrong, surprise motherf**ker indeed.

As surprising as that moment was (and heartbreaking as it was watching Deb immediately rush to LaGuerta — I can’t understand how Jennifer Carpenter keeps getting overlooked for awards) it was also pretty surprising watching how Dexter reacted to the entire mess. I have been pretty vocal about how selfish Dexter has been over the years (and this season in particular) in regards to his sister, but I felt a tremendous sense of surprise, and relief, when in that moment he, for the first time, acted totally selflessly; willing to die to save what was left of Deb’s “goodness”. Riveting television!

One of the complaints people (myself included) have about the show is that it often feels a bit repetitive, hitting the same familiar beats all too often. So despite how you may feel about how this game of cat and mouse ended up, you have to admit the status quo has been wrapped in plastic and stabbed right in the thorax. There is no way that we can enter into Season 8 with anything other than a very fresh outlook on how life in Miami is going to be for Deb and Dexter!

So how do you feel about the way this season wrapped up? Will Bautista have the shortest retirement in history and get sucked back into being a detective to look into LaGuerta’s death? Will Quinn and Jamie now start hooking up, and would anyone even care? What does the plant Hannah left on Dexter‘s doorstep mean? Where do we go from here? Let us know what you think!

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