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About Last Night: Dexter Season 7 Episode 7 “Chemistry”

Posted on November 12, 2012 at 6:54 am by Jeff Mueller

Dexter Season 7I hate to say it, but I came into tonight expecting it to be the night the series took a turn for the worse. I wasn’t pleased with the way last week’s episode closed and I guess I was anticipating a derail. Luckily I was wrong as this week was another solid entry in the season 7 catalog.

I love how for the entire run of this show, the philosophy divide between Dexter and Deb has been so  large; an almost constant study in nature vs nurture. It has provided not only a richness and depth to the backstory of their childhood, and the very different memories they  both have of their father, but it also has really been the story that transcends the boundaries of the individual seasons.

I bring that up because tonight really brought a polar shift and the amount of role reversal going on is quite interesting. We have Deb showing restraint with Price, whom I just assumed was going to be another in a long line of horrible relationship mistakes, and Dexter falling victim to baser, more emotional, urges by falling for Hannah. Deb then takes a page out of her  brother’s  playbook by continuing to manipulate LaGuerta’s digging into the Bay Harbor Butcher murders; finally topping it off with her telling Dexter, in what you could tell was a complete breakdown of her moral compass, to “Do what you do“.

On the Dexter front, was he really going to falsify evidence to set up Price? Even after digging and finding absolutely nothing on him? He is really off the rails. While Deb’s compass seems to be pointing in a new direction it seems as if his is completely broken at this point. As much as I hated the oft-times heavy handed ‘trying to be a better daddy’ rhetoric of past seasons I miss the anchor that Harrison seemed to give Dexter. With Harrison away in limbo, err I mean Orlando, and Deb dealing with her own issues, all that is left is Obi-Wan Harry’s imaginary visits and the code. Why did Harry have nothing to say about this?!? He is willing to dole out cautionary girlfriend advice, but pointing out that framing a man for murder might be a little messed up isn’t worth his time? Yes, it ultimately never came to fruition due to Hannah’s interference, but it still shows that Dexter is morally lost at sea.

Speaking of Hannah; while it is nice that we get a nice little call back to all the women in his life it doesn’t matter how much he rationalizes it, he can convince himself into believing how Hannah makes a match for him like no other, but it doesn’t change the fact she is a murderer. If Dexter is thinking straight he shouldn’t be able to let that go. Is the chemistry between them really so strong that he can turn such a blind eye to everything he believes in? I am still finding that hard to swallow personally.

Finally, how good was that conversation between Isaak and Dexter at the cafe?!? While I wanted him to stay on the proverbial shelf a little longer before being unleashed back into the mix, I like what this does for the pacing of the show. To me, the thrill of Dexter is watching him when he is not in total control; with so many chess pieces in play now it takes him out of his comfort zone and puts him in full on reactive mode. The closing montage really illustrates how his world is closing in on him and I think it will make for a lot of nail biting between now and the season finale.

So what do you think? Am I over-reacting in my hatred of Hannah McKay? Will Dexter listen to his sister and do what he does? Let us know what you think!




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