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About Last Night: Dexter Season 7 Episode 6 “Do The Wrong Thing”

Posted on November 5, 2012 at 10:12 am by Jeff Mueller

Dexter Season 7Tonight’s episode’s title was more apropos than usual, because Dexter sure as hell made a serious wrong turn! Before we get into that though lets look at what was, for the most part, another solid entry into this season’s catalog of episodes.

The callbacks to previous seasons and subplots are barreling along without taking a break! We have Quinn straight up admitting to having a history of being on the take (hello Season 3 plot that just fizzled), and although I don’t think we will ever get a real explanation of the depths to which his character was a dirty cop it is good to see that the writers are addressing it. I could care less about him and this Nadia girl, but I appreciate that he is being given a situation that brings some level of complexity what is often a very two-dimensional character.

Where Quinn will end up at the end of the season is yet to be seen. There has been an air surrounding the first five episodes that led me to believe we were going to lose another Miami Metro officer, and while this episode confirms that Bautista wants to get out of the game I am not sure that it isn’t a red herring at this point. First we have Masuka potentially in trouble for the Lewis/Ice Truck Killer Hand debacle, Quinn falling back into his old ways of accepting cash for favors from unsavory types, La Guerta getting way to close to Dexter and Bautista dreaming of a better life; I am pretty sure someone is on his way out (and I am willing to wager piles of internet dollars that Masuka is the only one with immunity) by the end of the season. Speaking of Bautista’s dreams of owning a waterfront restaurant, it was nice to see Jamie call him out on what can only be called his “Life ADD.”

Deb continues to act as a sort of audience advocate, saying all the the things to Dexter that fans have been thinking for years now, this week. How spectacular was it that she called him on Lumen (I am still bitter about that whole season dammit)? “You moved your girlfriend into the house where Trinity murdered your wife?!?” So good! What is nice though is now we have other characters, such as Jamie and LaGuerta, playing that role as well. In addition to Angel’s sister calling him on a lot of his silly past side stories we have LaGuerta dropping a detective bomb with her callback to season 5 too! As much as I have always disliked her character she is becoming a pretty necessary story-telling device.

Up until this point Dexter has always been the focal point into this twisted version of Miami. The story has always been skewed, in that he has been the narrator for us… he has been the truth so to speak, that reality we accept. It is almost now as if the story-telling is being done by Deb and LaGuerta, allowing us to see how flawed Dexter‘s view of his own world is. It is a nice change, albeit a subtle one, to let others dictate the story-telling and the pace in which it happens.

And speaking of what happens, seriously Dexter?!?! I get it. Hannah is stupid hot; but come on man, keep it together!

I had a good portion of my thoughts about the episode all wrapped up about halfway through; my notes scrawled in front of me detailing how I felt the inner monologue wasn’t matching the outward appearance of his actions. How I still had the sinking feeling that Hannah was going to turn into a twisted love interest. I was busy breaking down little things like Dexter quickly checking his hair, almost absent mindedly, and how Hannah is obviously toying with him in a very obvious femme fatale fashion. Written down was a line about how his inner monologuing about everyone having a longing, a need that must be met, could easily hold a double meaning.

Then BOOM! All subtelty and foreplay goes out the window… literally! I should have seen it coming, as I found it odd that she was not held down by the usual amount of plastic wrap and that he had obviously stripped her down (a little more twisted than usual, even for him), I just didn’t think he would toss the code aside for a piece of tail like that. It puzzles me where they are going with this, but I am sure that there is an inevitable clash coming with Deb now that she realizes he has manipulated police business once again and maybe the motives will become a little more clear then?

Finally, since I can’t let a review go by without man-crushing on how bad-ass Ray Stevenson is, the quote of the night goes to Isaak Sirco. “I would really like to avoid killing anyone in here, it would get in the way of my release.

So how are we feeling about tonight’s episode? Any predicitions on what Miami Metro cop goes bye-bye? Odds on Lumen coming back and her and Hannah getting into a lingerie cat-fight over Dexter? Let us know what you think!




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    • What do you mean by "he had obviously stripped her down (a little more twisted than usual, even for him)," He always strips their clothes off.

      I'm really enjoying this season. So much is happening and Dexter is getting has a lot of loose ends to deal with. I'm definitely getting a kick out of Deb dealing with Dex and calling him out on his thought process.

      Hannah is one crazy broad. I told you she was up to no good.

      • thejerd

        I will go back and watch some other kills again, but I don't remember him ever de-pantsing people before.

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