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About Last Night: Dexter Season 7 Episode 5 “Swim Deep”

Posted on October 29, 2012 at 7:29 am by Jeff Mueller

Dexter Season 7Season 7 continues with another strong episode this week! While I lamented in previous weeks at how fast this new Deb – Dexter dynamic was hurtling along, I like where they seem to have landed even if it felt a bit rushed.

So this week both the main and the sub-plots really moved along, with a healthy but of characterizations fleshed out across the board. Isaak cements his status as a straight up bad-ass, Hannah’s back-story gets a little more light shed on it, the fallout from Deb’s realizations about Dexter starts to affect her work relationships and we get some nice insight into how Deb and Dexter interacted as children.

Let me just say, once again, how much I love Jennifer Carpenter. Not only did we get another spectacular display of “Deb Tourette’s” this episode, she continued to break down the inconsistencies with Dexter‘s rationalizations. Her straight up confronting him  with “What happened to you only taking care of people who slip through the cracks of the justice system?!?” when he told her about Viktor? Brilliant! It is almost as if she has become the voice of the viewers who have been pointing out for a few seasons now how he selectively follows his “code”. The real question is now will this cause any sort of self-realization in Dexter? Will Deb acting as a sounding board (a real one, not the imaginary father one) give him the mirror he needs to look at himself critically, or will he stay truly in denial? When Dexter says “I can handle it“, as he did once again this episode, it usually means he can’t; be it in regards to the constant cat and mouse games he finds himself in or as it pertains to his tenuous grasp on his self-control and sanity.

What most impressed me this week was how the Isaak story unfolded. One thing that this show has always had a hard time with is how to pace plotlines; either they drag on well past their welcome or they get sidetracked with something else and drop them into some sort of blackhole never to be heard from again. It seems, at least this time, that they have found a clever way to put a story on hold and yet maintain the suspense at a distance. Now, of course the Ukranian mob plot could take an unexpected turn but I expect having Isaak behind bars will allow for Dexter to deal with more pressing issues at hand all the while still providing a sense of menace from afar.

Speaking of menace, how chilling was the scene where Isaak is waiting calmly in Dexter’s apartment with his toolkit of torture implements spread out before him on the coffee table? Ray Stevenson had been flirting with taking the #2 spot on my list of favorite Dexter villains (#1 is obviously John Lithgow, and his position on said list is untouchable) until tonight’s scene in the Colombian bar; the look of bemusement when he realized he had been played was so well done that it sealed the deal! How great was that?

Finally, are we seeing the last of Bautista? I get the feeling, based on his comments the last couple of episodes about there being more to life than police work, that he is on his way out. What do you guys think? Any thoughts on this or where Quinn’s dirty cop arc is going to end up? We’d love to hear what you think!




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