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About Last Night: Dexter Season 7 Episode 11 “Do You See What I See?”

Posted on December 10, 2012 at 9:02 am by Jeff Mueller

Dexter Season 7

So we are one week away from the season finale of Dexter season 7 and unlike previous years it is not very clear how we are going to wrap this up! While I wasn’t 100% satisfied with last week’s episode (See my thoughts here…) for the most part I liked how this episode played out, in a non-traditional sense.

I am beginning to think that sometimes my dissatisfaction with some episodes comes from the 45 minute run-time. It is as if the writers have a really good handle on what needs to happen from premier to finale, but when it gets chopped up into manageable episodes things need to be pushed around and we get lackluster, slower episodes. It was another of those types of episodes I thought we were in for as we made it through the opening, but as the minutes clicked by I found myself more and more mentally engaged in the show than I have been in quite some time.

Before I get to the mystery of the Iocaine powder or the Oh Sh*t! (copyright to my man Comichead) moment of the episode I want to look at what happened with Hannah and Dexter. I wasn’t really on-board with Hannah, but I think I have finally come around with this episode… just in-time for her character to potentially change into an antagonist. What I am now coming to understand is how Hannah illustrates how completely incapable Dexter is of being happy. I mean, it should be obvious, right? The guy is a serial killer of epic proportions, he is twisted, dark and an emotional trainwreck, and yet due to some very solid acting by Michael C Hall and great writing we overlook all of that and assume that there will be some sort of happy ending. A neat, colorful bow to top off his life as a killer as he rides off happily into the Miami sunset.

The fact is though he can’t have that; there is no way to wrap up his story other than in tragedy. A point so beautifully brought into focus by Hannah. The only person he could potentially be happy with is someone like her, a fact he eloquently addresses in his opening inner monologue, but she is also the exact type of person he can never truly bring himself to trust. He knows that ultimately he is unable to control his own killer impulses, and therefore expects that no-one else can either. He is truly in a tragic Catch-22!

So the real question coming out of this episode is who tried to “poison” Deb?!? Was it Hannah, trying to off her in the same way that she tried to kill Sal Price, or was it Deb turning the tables on Dexter for once and manipulating him much like he has done to her so many times in the past? I have gone round and round in my head on this one, trying to decide which seems more plausible and they both contain some logic flaws.

One one hand; as Hannah said to Dexter when he confronted her about the accident, if she had wanted Deb dead she would be. On the other, by setting up Hannah this way Deb puts Dexter in a lot of danger because in custody Hannah poses a huge threat to his lack of incarceration, especially in the midst of the LaGuerta drama.

So if we assume that Deb took a calculated risk and partially OD’d as a way to manipulate Dexter into taking her side over Hannah’s we run into the problem that she literally just got done re-framing Doakes as the Bay Harbor Butcher. Why? Because she made a huge deal out of how much she loves him and because she doesn’t wasn’t Harrison to grow up alone (Can I tangent for a moment here? What is wrong with that kid? He looks like he is three and never says a single word. Not too mention I am pretty sure he is convinced he is actually Jamie’s kid and not Dexter‘s by this point). So how is this protecting Dexter? All Deb would have done is set him up to get arrested should Hannah spill the beans. Not too mention going this route would completely undo the painful lengths the writers went to to finally bring Deb and Dexter together!

What if it was Hannah? I remember thinking to myself several weeks ago, “why are they product placing bottled water in Deb’s hand every scene?” I get it now, and I also noticed that they made a point of having Deb chug bottled water in front of Hannah. It’s not as if Deb put the clues together for Dexter, she never said anything about the water so one could posit that if it were Deb she would be banking on a lot of detective work from Dexter to get the result she wanted. So that points to Hannah! Then again, if Hannah is so calculating and exact would she really use a prescription drug probably has no experience with to try and make this happen? I don’t think so. Not too mention the pain in her eyes as she whisperes to Dexter “You should have killed me.”

Man, I guess is really comes down to where the prescription drug was made. If it comes from Australia, which we all know is inhabited by criminals, then obviously the poison is in the cup in front of… sorry, wrong movie.

Allow me to get this back on track for a second (and give my brain a break) and ask how many people saw the LaGuerta setup coming? I certainly didn’t. While I thought it was rather convenient that Hector was let out on probation, I figured it was simply to continue the underlying current of Dexter letting go of his childhood trauma. I got chills when Dexter realized it was all a big set-up, and how chilling was the shot of the cargo container swathed in plastic with nothing but the running chainsaw on the table?!? It is rare this show catches me completely unawares, but when it does it is generally awesome. Tonight was no different! I guess we wil see next week how all the pieces fall into place, won’t we?

I want to also make sure to give the writers a quick double middle finger salute (It goes to eleven!) for how shoddily they ended the Quinn side story. Really guys? Really?!? Every episode it looks like they can’t make that entire sub-plot matter less and less and every week I am proven wrong! So Nadia moved away in the middle of the night, Quinn basically shrugs it off and now life is back to normal for Miami’s dirtiest cop? No resolutions, no consequences, no nothing? It was a quick reminder of the way this series usually shoots itself in the foot unfortunately.

So what do you think? Who went dark-side this week, Deb or Hannah? Is there more to come with Matthews or was he simply a vehicle for LaGuerta to work stuff out with? Will Bautista actually get a happy end to his storyline? How crazy will the season finale be?!?! Let us know what you think!

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    • OK… I think Deb is the trickster here. The only way she could convince Dexter that Hannah is bad news bears was for her to get hurt.

      As for LaGuerta, bleh, I can't stand that character. She makes my blood boil. I wasn't expecting a setup but I figured she would be watching Hector pretty closely. I was hoping Matthews would work something out with Dexter to get LaGuerta out and Matthews back in. She just drives me nutso. Remember when she didn't take responsibility for that club shooting and she made that young detective pin it all on Deb? Grrr!!!! HATE.

      Quinn's story ended pretty weak. It would have been better is Bautista got shot or something when that deal went south. We shouldn't be surprised his storylines are always weak. Going all the way back to season 3 when we didn't know why that IA lady was all over him. She would pop up and bug deb for like 2 min every other episode. Or what about when he's convinced Dexter killed Rita? He goes through all this trouble to investigate Dex with Robocop and just leaves it alone when Peter Weller dies. He knows Dex killed him and doesn't speak up when he is being framed. So lame.

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