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About Last Night: Dexter Season 7 Episode 10 “The Dark… Whatever”

Posted on December 3, 2012 at 11:15 am by Jeff Mueller

Dexter Season 7

Season 7 of Dexter has been a very positive viewing experience so far with lots of solid character development, attention to detail and past subplots and some great work by the supporting cast (We miss you already Ray Stevenson!); so what might normally be an adequate episode any other season just fell very flat here so close to this season’s finale.

I rate it a resounding “Meh.”

This week highlights all the underlying issues with the show; overused plot conventions, poor resolution to subplots and unraveling of character progress to maintain the status quo. This close to the end of a season we want to see things start to come together, to form a cohesive end of this chapter, not to start falling apart and leave us wondering.

I think a lot of my irritation with the episode revolves around how the Koshka Brotherhood storyline is coming to an end; essentially with a whimper instead of a bang.  How anti-climactic can the writers get? That was how we end the George and Koshka storyline? Really?!? First off, how how did George even abduct Nadia? Last week Quinn was tackling George through a plate glass window and then what, did Quinn just leave her alone unsupervised somewhere while he went back to work like nothing happened? So instead of any resolution to the fact that George knew it was Dexter who murdered Viktor, or to the fact that Quinn was back on the take or even to the entire premise of Viktor’s death revolving around that GPS bracelet, we get a pretty weak stand-off between George and Quinn followed by Bautista giving Quinn his furrowed detective brow. Yet another opportunity to clean up Quinn’s character and his poorly told back-story wasted!

The arsonist storyline came to a close as quickly as it started; and while it gave us a cool, horror movie-esque scene of Dexter coming to life in the flame retardant suit and some very cringe-worthy footage of the bus fire that’s about all it was good for. The constant use of these “light-bulb moments” where Dexter comes to realize something about himself due to something he, or someone close to him, says is beyond played out. Especially this season (Yes, I am still salty over the Aster and Cody episode… no-one asked you!) Let’s be honest here, this whole “Dark Passenger” schtick should have been resolved way back in Season 3. It has been very tedious and tiresome knowing that it is just a way for Dexter to justify his urges for seven seasons, and every time he talks about himself in that way I stifle a roll of my eyes. Hopefully this will be the end of that nonsense and we can move on now that he seems to finally have realized it for himself… four years too late.

I enjoyed the interesting twist that Hannah’s father was the one feeding the media tidbits about her past, but it certainly wasn’t enough to distract me from the fact that Hannah’s influence just seems to directly contradict, and potentially undoes, all the emotional work that Dexter and Deb went through at the beginning of this season. We were embarking on a very intriguing journey where they might have somehow turned into a vigilante unit, but now it looks like it has devolved to the point where they’re actually going to wind up being facing off by the end of this run. It almost feels as if we the viewers are being “Charlie Browned” by the writers, holding that end of the season football for us. (Damn you Lucy! *shakes fist*)

I am still cautiously optimistic for a great season finale, with La Guerta’s investigation bringing her closer and closer to Dexter, but I have a feeling once again so many sub-plots will be brushed aside without much of a thought and that we will not have really made as much progress as we potentially could have.

So what do you think? Is there more to come with the Quinn/Koshka fued, or are the writer’s going to cop out? Will Hannah find out Dexter offed her father, and will she even care? What is the over/under on the writers completely forgetting about Bautista’s new restaurant? Let us know!

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