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About Last Night– Bates Motel, “Nice Town You Picked, Norma…”

Posted on March 26, 2013 at 12:56 pm by Jess Hicks


Welcome back to About Last Night: Bates Motel edition! I hope you are all enjoying the show as much as I am and as always stop reading now if you wish to avoid SPOILERS!

Norman just can’t catch a break, can he? Whether he is trying to get a date with the prettiest girl in town or trying to investigate the woods near his house, he always manages to be in the middle of some impending shit storm.

The second episode kicked off with a bang last night as we met Norman chit chatting with his somewhat love interest, Bradley. As they talk they notice a car speeding and swerving down the road towards them. Bradley quickly realizes that it’s her dad’s car as it drives off the road. Norman yanks the door off and we see a man inside who has been completely burned.


During the investigation of the wreck we get to know new comer, Dylan, a little more than we had before. Dylan is Norma’s eldest son from a different man and it’s safe to say that their relationship is strained at the very least. He resents her for marrying Norman’s dad and resents Norman even more for being his mother’s favorite. Dylan seems to be getting into his own trouble after meeting with a man to make some extra cash doing something that we haven’t been informed of yet.

This episode brought a lot of trouble for Norman and his mother. The abandoned truck of the man she killed in the first episode is discovered causing the police to suspect her. We also get to see more of Norma’s deceiving side come out. After the sheriff and his deputy question her about the man who has disappeared she makes it a point to flirt with the deputy by meeting him at the local celebration. At the celebration the deputy reveals to us that the town has a way of “dealing” with things leading us to believe there is quite a bit more going on in this sleepy town than we originally thought?


Meanwhile, Norman and his new study buddy Emma (who has Cystic Fibrosis) embark on an adventure to discover what exactly is going on in the journal that Norman found in the first episode. While wondering around in the woods they accidentally stumble upon a marijuana field and are chased out by some gun wielding farmers.


What I really dug about this week’s episode was the development of Norma’s character in contrast with both of her sons. On one hand we see the domineering, hateful, side of her as she interacts with her eldest. She is so awful to him that we can’t help but feel somewhat bad for him even if he is a complete douche sometimes. On the other hand we see the loving and overbearing side of her when she is with Norman. She clearly loves him but it is obvious that she feels a little too attached to him. In one particular scene she is getting ready to go out with the deputy and asks Norman his opinion on a shirt. When she decides to change she just takes it off right and front of him and we get a really awkward moment between them. He looks away but he almost seems like he doesn’t want to and Norma insists that it isn’t “weird”. Of course I am sitting there screaming at my TV, “Yes! That is the epitome of weird!”.


It looks like the next episode will give us more insight to Norman’s darker side. In this episode he almost kills his older brother but get’s the shit beat out of him instead. It’s interesting and sad to watch him spiral out of control because w all know where he is headed.

But like I said the Bates’ aren’t the only thing weird about this town. At the end of last night’s episode Norma is heading home and is stopped by traffic in town. As she passes we see a burning body hung from a flag poll. What this means I have no idea but I am very interested to find out!

So what do you guys think, will Norman kill his brother or will he leave that up to his mother? Is Norman a good guy or do you think there has always been something wrong with him? Leave a comment below!

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