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This is Inhumanity: A Look at Upcoming Inhumanity Tie-Ins Part 2

Posted on September 14, 2013 at 6:03 am by Tyler Waterman

It’s safe to say nearly all comic fans have been impressed with the scope of Infinity, the current summer blockbuster event running across the Marvel Universe. However, what comes after may be just as big.

Inhumanity, the event that will spin out of the Inhumans spreading Terrigen Mists across the Earth and creating hundreds of new powered individuals, will very clearly change the entire planet. No one knows how many people will manifest powers, how strong they will be, and most importantly, to what means they’ll use them. And as we saw here, most folks aren’t reacting well to it.

Because this event effects everyone, it goes without saying that we’ll see tie-ins from books that may not normally be involved with the Inhumans, and Marvel has previously shown us some of those titles. This week, we get a look at even more of those tie-ins.

One stems from a book that Infinity birthed: Mighty Avengers. In Mighty Avengers #4.INH, Luke Cage’s new team finds itself up against several new villainous organizations that arise in the wake of Inhumanity, and they become the only line of defense to protect something big that has crashed into the Hudson river. (What it is we don’t know; Marvel actually redacted it from the preview!) 

In Avengers Assemble #22.INH, Spider-Girl finds herself teamed up with Avengers such as Wolverine and Hulk in a desperate attempt to stop Toxic Doxie, who’s gained enough power from Inhumanity that she isn’t just a horribly named villain anymore. Then, over in Uncanny X-Men #15.INH, Bendis begins to tackle the big question; how do mutants feel about Inhumans? Do these two hated groups become kindred spirits, or do they develop their own animosity towards each other? Uncanny X-Men #15.INH will be the first of many X-titles to open this discussion.

Take a look below at the upcoming cover art from those books, and let us know which you’re looking forward to most in the comments!



Uncanny X-Men #15.INH


Mighty Avengers #4.INH


Avengers Assemble #22.INH

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