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A Few Hits At The Seattle Indies Expo

Posted on July 29, 2012 at 6:10 pm by Justin Cavender

Today Geek Legacy stopped by the Seattle Indies Expo (SIX) located at the DigiPen Institute of Technology. SIX gives developers a chance to showcase upcoming indie titles for multiple platforms such as Xbox Live, Steam, and App stores. There were several titles available to play, but only three stood out for me in regards to fun and replay value.

First up on the list of fun and excitement is Containment: The Zombie Puzzler by Bootsnake Games. We all love zombies, as long as we’re not being chased or eaten by them in a real life. However, in the gaming world it’s always fun to shoot, stomp, or burn those flesh eating fiends. With Containment, you surround zombies with survivors of the same color in order to defeat them. If you take too long to eliminate the zombies, they will attack the survivors, killing them, and leaving you with fewer resources. Players are given crates filled with sniper ammo, molotov cocktails, and hazmat suits to help with the zombie containment. Another interesting twist to this puzzler is the interactive environment. Players can click items on the screen like a propane tank, and watch as the explosion may either help or hinder their gaming experience. Containment is currently available on Steam for $4.99 Watch the trailer below or visit for more info.

Next on the list is The Bridge, a 2D puzzle game by Ty Taylor and Mario Castaneda. Explore all this imaginative puzzler has to offer without the laws of physics. In The Bridge, any wall can act as the floor. This allows your character to walk along any wall to find and solve puzzles. Graphically the game resembles a hand-drawn black and white lithograph.

To complete the trifecta of awesomeness, we have Mark of the Ninja by Klei Entertainment. Simular to Shank, Mark of the Ninja is a 2D side scroller. The major difference being stealth. Players must use shadows to stay hidden from enemies, and only attack when necessary. I had a blast sneaking around undetected, trying my best not to be seen. If you make too much noise, the guards will hear it and investigate the area. I can’t stress enough how important stealth is to your mission. How many noisy ninjas do you know? Mark of the Ninja is expected to hit Xbox Live by the end of the summer.


    • Hoodieninja

      Mark of the Ninja looks pretty sweet. I loved Shank so much. This looks very promising and I can't wait to stealth kill fools.

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