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A Few Deets on Syfy’s New Series Helix

Posted on July 24, 2013 at 4:49 pm by Justin Cavender


Last Friday at San Diego Comic Con, we attended a press roundtable discussion on Helix, Syfy’s new series set in the Artic. We had to chance to speak with Executive Producer Steven Madea (Lost), Ronald Moore (Battlestar Galactica), and series writer Cameron Porsandeh. They weren’t giving us all the deets, but we did walk away knowing a little more about the show.

It is known… wait, wrong show. What we know so far.

A team of CDC scientists will journey to the Arctic to investigate what could be the source of a deadly outbreak. We don’t know what the outbreak is, but the teaser trailer below gives us a peek at black goo, eww. The science team will consist of 3 members that form sort of a love triangle.

The first season of Helix will have 13 episodes and take place over the course of 13 days within the show. This seems like a decent timetable when dealing with viruses or outbreaks. Often times in films dealing with similar subject matter, there is always a map showing what happens when a virus isn’t contained within 2 weeks. There will be lots of red dots and even more dead people. In short, black goo is bad.

During the discussion, I asked Ronald Moore if Helix would take a page out of Lost and use flashbacks to help push along the story and answer questions. Interestingly enough he replied, “No, we are going to use hallucinations to show what the characters are thinking and really get inside their heads to see their fears.”

If Helix finds an audience and is fortunate enough to get a second season, it will take place in a new location. Does that mean the CDC found a way to stop the outbreak? It could mean the situation just got a lot worse and the outbreak is spreading. Neither Madea, Moore, or Porsandeh would give up the goods, but I have no problem waiting to find out.

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