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5 Ways Bingo Gaming Is Badass

Posted on March 23, 2017 at 10:20 am by David "Snackbar" Edmundson

bingoWhen you think about it, why are female heroines cast in the same moulds as male (macho) heroes? Why does a She-badass have to have a body all buff and cut up? Why must she know how to fire off fancy guns? Is it necessary that she look sexy in black tactical wear? Are those really feminine traits — or, are they just male fantasies projected upon women game characters (many of them borrowed from cinema)?

Let’s take a stab at naming one basic way that women heroes can go their own way, be natural as ladies, and wield their own natural kinds of power that do not have to ape masculine violence and technology dreams. What about this:

A female heroine uses her wits and communication skills more than outer weapons, equipment or built up muscles.

Now, to drive home this point, let’s take the unexpected example of online bingo games rather than the first-person-shooters and Kung Fu themes that are adapted for women characters (and idealized by players) — in order to show an alternative sort of epic female role.

1. Badass Banter

Online and mobile bingo gaming is based upon the old fashioned bingo halls, where people (many of them ladies) sat and vied to fill their bingo cards first. Meanwhile, they bantered, jeered, cracked jokes, and practiced competitive rhetorical skills as only women can do. Nowadays that social moment is handled by robust in-game chats. There are even sites like Costa bingo for woman where certain feminine aspects of the games are accentuated.

2. Winning Money

Bingo is a game where you can put your money where your mouth is, as they say — but also the reverse since a lady can boast triumphantly in the integrated chat rooms whenever taking home a nice bingo jackpot. Winning real cash is certainly a powerful way for women to be heroes in today’s world.

3. A Good Retort: Bingo!

How many times have you heard somebody, if not a woman, use the term Bingo! as a snarky retort with plenty of attitude? When you sarcastically agree with someone who has stated the obvious by using this term, you not only win a point but also allude to an old-fashioned game — supplying a bit of hip irony in the process. This symbolizes the game of Bingo perfectly.

4. Mobile Warrior

You can see in leading woman-oriented sites such as The Mary Sue, which has covered the new Captain Marvel character who is ready for her own branded game, that one area of life where femmes can play on their own terms is in the business world. Not surprisingly, many professional ladies like the Captain Marvel star work hard — they are likely to unwind with a little mobile bingo while commuting home from the urban jungle.

5. Wild Bingo Themes

Many of the newest bingo brands especially for women are not only high tech; they’re a bit saucy. They appear to be created for and by women. If you’re a little curious about today’s new generation of hardcore lady gamers then you can check out some of the hottest costa bingo sister sites — and get ready for the future, which may not look like what you may expect from watching Hollywood action movies!

Lastly, another benefit or positive implication of choosing new feminine models for heroines: male players can’t fetishize and objectify lady game characters. Arguably, the dolled up badass girls like Lara Croft arguably are “dressed to kill” for the male gaze, right?

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