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4 Netflix Programs for Sea and Dolphin Enthusiasts

Posted on July 12, 2014 at 7:15 pm by JESSIE

I’ve always been terrified by the ocean, which in turn has sparked my lifelong fascination for the sea and everything that occupies it. Recently, I’ve developed a new interest–dolphins. This is the video that sparked my new obsession for these friendly sea mammals:

Subsequently, I went on a Netflix rampage for anything dolphin related. Here are some gems that I found:

1. Blackfish (2013)


WARNING: Blackfish will make you hate SeaWorld and related theme parks. This documentary offers an explanation for why we often hear in the news about orca whales in captivity attacking and sometimes killing their trainers. In particular, the film follows the events surrounding a particularly aggressive orca named Tilikum. Prepare some tissues, because this documentary can be a heart breaker at times.

2. Killer Whales (2010)

While Blackfish is more of an entertainment film, Killer Whales is more of an educational piece. While still amusing, this Discovery program showcases how smart and innovative orcas really are. Fun fact: did you know that orcas are dolphins too? Watch Killer Whales to learn more!

3. The Ultimate Guide: Dolphin (2001)

This documentary really is the ultimate guide to all things dolphin. It does not just uncover interesting facts about one type of dolphin, but a vast array of dolphin species ranging from the ever so popular bottlenose dolphins to the related porpoises. Do you ever wonder how dolphins can hold their breath for so long? Do you ever wonder how they evolved to become sea mammals? The Ultimate Guide: Dolphins provides such answers.

4. The Blue Planet (2001)

The Blue Planet

Closing out this list is The Blue Planet, a series with a broader focus–the entire ocean! The soothing voice of David Attenborough will keep you tantalized as your eyes and ears journey through our planet’s oceans and the curious creatures that reside down there. And featured in the first episode of this series is, of course, the dolphin.

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