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10 Days Left on Humble THQ Bundle

Posted on December 2, 2012 at 11:58 am by Justin Cavender

Check out for an amazing Humble THQ Bundle. Pay what you want for six games in the THQ library which include: Darksiders, Metro 2033, Red Faction: Armageddon, and Company of Heroes, complete with  its two full expansions Opposing Fronts and Tales of Valor. Customers that pay more than the average price (currently $5.65) will also receive Saints Row: The Third.

The minimum purchase price is $1 to receive the bundle. I should mention the games are for Windows only and redeemable through Steam.

Humble Bundle divides your purchase among charities (the Child’s Play Charity and the American Red Cross), THQ, and Humble Bundle. Ultimately, you decide where you want your money to go.

The Humble THQ Bundle is an amazing deal and we encourage you to swoop these games up while you can. Steam often has these titles on sale but you rarely find them for $7.50 or less. Spending $5.65 for seven games is incredible, especially when two of those games are Darksiders and Saints Row: The Third. Let us know which game is your favorite in the comments below.

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