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[SPOILERS] You Never Want to See Rick “Crossed” – The Walking Dead Review

Posted Nov 24 at 7:00am

After Carol’s unexpected abduction last week, it’s good to see everyone springing into action in order to save her and […] Continue Reading

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Interview: “Epochalypse” Writer Jonathan Hennessey

Posted Nov 22 at 8:22am

Time travel never seems to end well. Whether it’s a ruptured space/time continuum, getting stuck in the wrong era, or […] Continue Reading

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Watch THE HOBBIT: THE BATTLE OF THE FIVE ARMIES Music Video “The Last Goodbye”

Posted Nov 21 at 3:39pm

Billy Boyd may not be getting any face time in The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies, but a music video […] Continue Reading

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The Crew 101 Trailer

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The Crew 101 Trailer Gives an Inside Look at the MMO-CAR-PG

Posted Nov 21 at 2:52pm

Ubisoft lays out all the deets with The Crew 101 trailer. This MMO racer will have you and your friends […] Continue Reading

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Kan-Ra Pounds Face in New Killer Instinct Season 2 Trailer

Posted Nov 21 at 2:20pm

Killer Instinct Season 2 launched October 15 for Xbox One and added two characters (T.J. Combo and Maya) to the game’s […] Continue Reading

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Pixelated Podcast Episode 55 – Winter is Coming

Posted Nov 21 at 1:38pm

On this week’s episode of the Pixelated Podcast Geek Legacy’s own David Edmundson stops by to chat about video games. […] Continue Reading

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Interview: Mark Waid talks Thrillbent and “Insufferable”

Posted Nov 21 at 9:30am

The rise of digital comics has brought an unprecedented level of innovation to the medium, and no one knows that […] Continue Reading

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Geek Legacy Comic Corner Podcast Issue #51

Posted Nov 21 at 7:10am

Issue #51 of the greatest comic related show on the Internet, the Geek Legacy Comic Corner Podcast, is now available! […] Continue Reading

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Game of Thrones: Iron From Ice Trailer

Posted Nov 20 at 12:08pm

You must be 18 years old to view this content. Please verify your age. Continue Reading

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Tom Cruise Being Eyed to Play the “Sean Connery Mentor Character” in the HIGHLANDER Reboot

Posted Nov 20 at 10:27am

Summit has been developing a Highlander reboot for years now but there were a few bumps in the road.  Last year, the studio hired visual effects artist Cedric Nicolas-Troyan to […] Continue Reading

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Sony Drops Aaron Sorkin’s Steve Jobs Biopic; Universal Likely to Pick It Up

Posted Nov 20 at 10:20am

Aaron Sorkin‘s Steve Jobs biopic script has attracted a lot of attention from the likes of David Fincher, Leonardo DiCaprio, Christian Bale, Seth Rogen, Jessica […] Continue Reading

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Paul Greengrass to Direct an Adaptation of 1984

Posted Nov 20 at 10:12am

Paul Greengrass is attached to direct an adaptation of George Orwell‘s classic novel, 1984.  Published in 1949, the story is set in a […] Continue Reading

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PICH PERFECT 2 Trailer; The Barden Belles Take on the World Championships of A Cappella

Posted Nov 20 at 10:07am

Universal Pictures just released the very first Pitch Perfect 2 trailer and it looks as though the musical comedy sequel could be another […] Continue Reading

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Ridley Scott Says He Will Deliver a “Fresher Form of Alien” in PROMETHEUS 2

Posted Nov 20 at 9:54am

About two months ago, Ridley Scott offered a Prometheus 2 update confirming that the script was being written, that he had “15 drafts evolving” and […] Continue Reading

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World of Warcraft is back up to 10 Million Subscribers After the Release of Warlords of Draenor

Posted Nov 19 at 2:55pm

Blizzard announced this afternoon that World of Warcraft has surpassed 10 million subscribers with the release of Warlords of Draenor, […] Continue Reading

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Gnomes Are Still Ugly Even After Gnomo-plasty Surgery

Posted Nov 19 at 2:22pm

Warlords of Draenor, the fifth expansion in Blizzard’s MMORPG World of Warcraft, launched last week and with it came new character models. Of […] Continue Reading

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